This OSHA guidance document is designed to help employers prevent fall-related injuries and fatalities among workers engaged in residential construction activities, such as roofing. Falls are the leading cause of work-related deaths among residential construction workers.

This guidance document is intended to assist employers with their compliance efforts. It provides information on various work methods that may be used at different stages of the residential construction process.

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Super Anchor Safety 1075 - D-Minus Roof Anchor
Fall arrest for one person, max. weight 310 lbs.
Price: $8.00

Most roof anchor installations require the removal of shingles to install. This can pose a problem, especially on older roofs with brittle shingles. No need to remove the ridge cap to install fall arrest anchors because this flashing allows you to install anchors directly over your existing roofing material. The D- Minus anchor can be mounted directly over existing asphalt shingle roofs without removing any shingles.  To cover the anchor and fasteners and protect it from the elements we...

Guardian Fall Protection 00484 Bull Ring Anchor
Bull Ring Anchors are suitable for personal fall arrest, restraint, or work positioning...
Price: $46.84

The Guardian Fall Protection Bull Ring Anchors are suitable for personal fall arrest, restraint, or work positioning applications. For all applications, the worker weight capacity range (including all clothing, tools, and equipment) is 130 to 310 pounds. The anchor itself is constructed of 100% zinc-plated steel. Substrate must be roof truss or support beam that is minimum of 3" thick CDX or better. All fasteners (use either six 16d, 3" long 8 gauge nails or three 1/4" x 3" zinc-plated steel...

Guardian Fall Protection 00455 Temper Reusable Roof Peak...
Temporary use on wood rooftops. Hinged, D-ring connection. Fasteners included
Price: $21.47

For use on roofs from flat to 12/12 pitch, wood or metal. 5000 lb. anchor point. Fasteners included. Tested and approved for metal roofing applications, minimum 20 gauge metal or thicker, attached directly onto the surface. For metal installation: use (16) screws (8 per side), 6 in center column of fastener installation holes, in 1 hole left of center and 1 hole right of center. Guardian recommends HILTI Kwik-Pro self-drilling screws. Features: Designed for temporary use on wood rooftopsFits...

Guardrail Boot
The Angel Guardrail Boot is easy to install and can be attached to wood or concrete
Price: $40.28

FEDERAL OSHA 1926.502(B)(3): Guardrail system shall be capable of withstanding, without failure, a force of at least 200 pounds (890N) applied within 2 inches (5.1 cm) of the top edge, in any outward or downward direction, at any point along the top edge. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Base: Durable high strength plastic Dimensions: 8½ (L) x 5¾ (W) x 5¼ (H) FEATURES: Durable high strength plastic Pliable, yet flexible to withstand harsh job-site environments and abuse Reusable Safety orange for high...

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