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    Weld-on D-Ring Anchor with Unplated Installation Plate


  • Forged D-ring
  • Plain/Uncoated Steel Plate for Weld-on or Bolt-on Applications
  • Can be installed wherever weld-on applications are preferred
  • Provides Simple Overhead Anchorage Solution
  • For use on steel I-beams, columns and other steel structures
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • 2" x 4-1/2 plate with 1/2" holes
  • Installation Plate: Unplated alloy steel
  • D-ring: Plated alloy; 5,000 lb min. static strength
  • Static Strength: 5,000 lb min.
  • ANSI User Capacity: 130 to 310 lb max.
  • OSHA User Capacity: 130 to 425 lb max.
  • Anchorage Location: 

    Select a suitable anchorage point that will support the strength requirement and minimize free fall and swing hazards. Do not work above the anchorage point.

    Please read and understand the manufacturer instructions before using this product.

    Instructions | Declaration of Conformity

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