HY-C Manufacturing.......Made in USA. Alan Hisey founded HY-C COMPANY in 1947 in Saint Louis, Missouri. Their first product was an aluminum chimney cover manufactured in Mr. Hisey’s garage. HY-C is still owned by the family; currently the third and fourth generations are working in the business. Today the facilities have expanded from the garage to an entire city block just north of downtown Saint Louis, plus an auxiliary warehouse in south Saint Louis.
HY-C's chimney caps keep out the wind and rain, birds, and other nesting animals that might cause damage to your chimney or your home. These single flue chimney caps are designed to fasten directly to the clay flue tile liner at the top of your chimney. The cap sits on top of your flue tile, and the base is fastened with pressure screws to the clay flue tile. Flue gripper legs or mounting brackets can be used for fastening in the absence of a protruding clay flue tile liner.

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