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Featured Items

FITS ALL ROOF CUTTERS! Tip angle provides the best wear and power efficiency
Price: $59.95

FITS ALL ROOF CUTTERS! These unique angled roof cutting blades provide superior performance and long life. The precision cutting angle ensures maximum surface contact to slice through materials, even stubborn resaturants, while minimizing the force of the blade impact to make blades last longer. The tip angle provides the best wear and power efficiency. ...

Allows for 3 Workers for Fall Arrest and 2 for Fall Restraint, at the same time.

Fall Arrest rating for three workers and Fall Restraint for two. For Concrete applications, only 2 Workers for Fall Arrest and 2 for Fall Restraint. With the new job box and material rack, you will see safe and productive increases for your leading edge work. Includes Flat-Free Tires, 20 cf Job Box (w/double door opening from the center) and a Material Rack. Additional 12 cf job box and Raptor Alert available as an option. The TriRex was redesigned in 2011 from the ground up, based on customer...

Ladder Access
Price: $500.00

TYPE S ROOF HATCH Type S roof hatch, 36" x 30" (914mm x 762mm),the easy one-hand operation to the fully open or close position provides the ladder user the security of having one hand firmly on the ladder at all times. Fully gasketed and insulated construction for weather resistance. Available in galvanized steel or aluminum construction.

Shingle Flashings are designed to effectively seal round pipe penetrations, Slides over pipe
Price: $4.65

Slides over pipe - for pitch to 40 degrees. Rustproof .032 stamped aluminum standard base. Non-fading sealing collar. 18" x 18" bases for code required areas. Rated 180°F continuous heat. Approved for Type B installations. Not for hot-mopped or built-up roofs. Soft aluminum base (18" x 18") allows for easy molding to tile roofing. Do not use petroleum based products on collars.

New Items

Twist Roof Strap ( T-Strap )
Price: $32.75

Twist Roof Strap ( T-Strap ), 100 pieces per carton.All U.S. Aluminum hangers are oil and dirt free.

5" Vampire Hanger
Price: $137.45

5" Vampire Hanger, 100 pieces per carton.All U.S. Aluminum hangers are oil and dirt free.

6" Vampire Hanger
Price: $145.65

6" Vampire Hanger, 100 pieces per carton.All U.S. Aluminum hangers are oil and dirt free.

Eliminates snow and ice near roof drains
Price: $254.95

Icing issues may occur on flat roofs at the edge flashing and at drains. Flat roofs are typically pitched toward drains and these paths often become obstructed by snow and ice. Heat Trace Specialists’ RDHS (Roof Drain Heater System) provides the following benefits:Effectively opens pathways to flat roof drains and scuppersSimple to accessEvenly spaced arms to protect cableSimple to installAvailable in several sizes and expandableGSA Building approvedNo adhesive requiredIncludes 50 ft. heating...