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Big Rock Supply offers tools, supplies and equipment for contractors and do-it-yourselfers including safety supplies, fall protection, roofing tools, roofing equipment and much more. We guarantee the best price, backed by a dedication to customer service and satisfaction.

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Provides two overhead anchor points – anytime, anywhere
Price: $29,995.00

X1240 The Grabber® Mobile Fall Protection System provides two overhead anchor points – anytime, anywhere. The Grabber® meets OSHA fall protection codes and ANSI Z359.6 design requirements for fall arrest systems, and has been validated by an independent 3rd party ISO 17025 testing laboratory. The versatile Grabber® is designed to be used in either fall arrest or fall restraint and features a one-of-a kind adjustable mast that can be positioned anywhere between 2’ and the unprecedented maximum...

Comparable to leading brands
Price: $274.95

The most popular style hot-air hand tool for plastic welding applicationsGreat for roofing, flooring, tarps, plastic fabrication, etc.Parts are interchangeable with Leister Triac S & BAK Rion heat gunsLarge range of accessories available Price does not include a nozzle, sold separatelyDimensions: 3.55" x 13.25", Handle: 2.2"Weight: 2.87 lbs.

Addresses OSHA's 36" Extension Rule for Portable Ladders with a 44" Railing Height from Top Rung
Price: $139.95

The most awkward and dangerous maneuver of using any extension ladder is entering and exiting at the top. 80% of all falls from ladders happen at the top.  Designed to attach over the top of the ladder, the Walk Through: Requires no tools, drilling or bolting Designed with an off setting right/left flair for safer on-off entry even if you’re wearing a loaded tool belt Addresses OSHA's 36" extension rule for portable ladders with a 44" railing height from top rung Made of Aluminum, Steel &...

Excellent for Applying Adhesives & EPDM Applications, Perfect throw-away brush, Double Thick, White China bristles
Price: $1.15

Excellent for Applying Adhesives & EPDM Applications Perfect throw-away brushDouble thick12/box, 144/case

New Items

Eliminates Standing Water
Price: $99.95

RoofGuard Drain Guard system is designed to eliminate standing water. It's patented design increases surface area by 5x or more making a RoofGuard protected drain virtually unccloggable. RoofGuard Drain is fast and easy to use, it's removable top allows easy access to drain and piping without detaching RoofGuard. Not only will RoofGuard save you money by eliminating leaks and costly repairs caused by clogged drains, but it's installation is fast, simple and requires no tools!Features:Replaces...

Water flow is up to 2.5 times faster
Price: $90.95

Vortex Breaker Strainer Dome Get A Better Performing Drain! The OMG Vortex Breaker Strainer Dome is designed as a retrofit upgrade option for installed OMG Hercules and Aluminum Classic Drains. The new strainer has a built-in vortex breaker that helps to provide improved flow for better rooftop performance. When upgraded with the Vortex Breaker Strainer Dome, Hercules Drains offer up to 2.5 times greater water flow than the original Hercules Drains without a vortex breaker. Which means that...

Industrial release coating keeps blades clean-cutting with no sticky residue!
Price: $55.85

*Left Handed ModelNEW! Industrial Release Coating : Made with Everhard's NEW Specialized Industrial Release Coating.Unmatched Non-Stick Surface : Industrial Release Coating has superior non-stick characteristics. No other shear comes close, adhesives and tapes pull off easily.Durable Construction : Shears are hot-forged, through-hardened carbon steel, providing durability and longer-lasting sharp edges.Large, Comfortable Handles : Large, comfortable handles fit all hand sizes.Great for Roofing...

Mechanically attaches PVC & TPO systems
Price: $2,399.95

AccuSeam® ToolAttachment System for Roof MembraneThe stand-up OMG AccuSeam System mechanically attaches PVC & TPO systems. It provides the lowest installed cost for mechanical attachment. In one step, the lap plate is placed in position by the AccuSeam tool as the laborer drives the fastener, eliminating the need for one laborer (where normally two would be required), thereby increasing productivity. This simple and easy-to-operate tool minimizes operator fatigue as it eliminates the constant...