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Featured Items

Maintains Caulk at 80* even when the outside temperature drops to -13*!
Price: $74.95

Caulk Warmer - 12 Tubes Vinyl inner lining 1" nylon strap with quick disconnect, Velcro closure on flap Heavy duty industrial cord Handy cord storage pocket 18" high x 15" wide x 3" deep 120V AC, 50W Holds: 12 standard caulk tubes 7 quart size caulk tubes 7 sausage size caulk tubes 12 grease cartridges 8 cans foam 12 rolls sealing tape

Allows for 3 Workers for Fall Arrest and 2 for Fall Restraint, at the same time.

Fall Arrest rating for three workers and Fall Restraint for two. For Concrete applications, only 2 Workers for Fall Arrest and 2 for Fall Restraint. With the new job box and material rack, you will see safe and productive increases for your leading edge work. Includes Flat-Free Tires, 20 cf Job Box (w/double door opening from the center) and a Material Rack. Additional 12 cf job box and Raptor Alert available as an option. The TriRex was redesigned in 2011 from the ground up, based on customer...

A Breakthrough in Hand Roller Design!
Price: $23.95

The Wrist-Saver roller’s patent pending design allows for proper positioning of your arm, wrist and hand into a neutral, relaxed working position. The Wrist-Saver design uses the power of the whole arm and conserves energy, allowing the user to work longer with less fatigue. The Wrist-Saver roller keeps your wrist in a more comfortable position and your arm moves in a natural motion, helping you to increase leverage and avoid wrist strain.

Lighted Ends, Yellow with Blue Stripe
Price: $62.95

Yellow with Blue Stripe with Lighted End. 100' Cord length 12 Guage 15 AMPS Extra Heavy Capacity Flexible from -40 to 140 degree F UL and cUL approved Water/Weather Resistant Lighted end to show power and find outlet easy

New Items

1-716 in. x 2 in. x 1-3/4 in. x 7/16 in.
Price: $35.35

Double-end combo seam roller and V roller into one great tool to perform all around membrane seaming.

For bending Metal up to 100 degrees
Price: $769.95

Features:For bending Metal up to 100 degreesBending depth: 1/4 in. - 8 in.Can also make a HEM (90 degrees down to 180 degrees) up to a max of 1/2 in.Bending discs enable closer bendsTech Data:Max Bending Height: 8 in. Min Bending Height: .02 in.Bending Capacity: 0.031 in. (For all common materials)Weight: 7 lbs. ...

.24 in. - 8 in. Bending depth, 24 ga. Bending capacity
Price: $479.95

Features:Ideal for bending up to 100 degreesNo damage to delicate materialsNo problem with longitudinal bends Bending dept: .24 in. - 8 in.Bending capacity: 24 ga. (for all common materials)10 lbs.

1-7/16 in. dia. x 2-3/8 in. wide, will attach any 1-7/16 in. Silicone Roller
Price: $16.15

Attaches to any Silicone Roller with a 1-7/16in. diameter to help with difficult to reach areas, tight flashing work, and other areas where seaming is required in a limited space