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Featured Items

Parapet Wall Guardrail System
Price: $119.15

Workmen work inside of parapet wall to attach bracket or guardrail posts Protects with 2x4’s Unit can change locations along parapet wall without complete disassembly of units and guardrail posts Adjusts to wall widths between 4”-24” Positioned 8 ft. on center Complies with OSHA standards Wt. 19 lbs. (Bracket and Guardrail Post)

Fixed post roof top anchor, intended for permanent applications only
Price: $189.95

The Malta Dynamics RA12 (A6300 – Roof Anchor 12″ Standard) is a fixed post roof top anchor, intended for permanent applications only. The RA12 has been thoroughly tested (see testing and compliance page on this product) and is compatible for installation on steel and concrete substrates (fasteners sold separately). The 12 inch anchor post functions to extend through roofing materials so that it is accessible both during and after roof construction. The RA12 is composed of durable galvanized...

Fits # 99, # 199, Guardian Angle, Angle Head & Black Rhino Knives
Price: $20.95

Fits # 99, # 199, Guardian Angle, Angle Head & Black Rhino Knives

OSHA Compliant!
Price: $29.95

OSHA CompliantSystem includes (1)Base & (1)Cone Large grip on the handle allows workers to easily pick up the cone and base Skid resistant, recycled rubber base provides stability and support Tiered cones are stackable Cone height not including handle: 39", Base weight: 30 lbs.Flag height: Tied at 39 inches, Sags to between 34 and 39 inches from walking/working surface.Approximate spacing ~ 25 ft. or as far as you can with flags above 34 inches. ...

New Items

Fits into slots of cap style hard hats
Price: $4.65

HHABCMS SL Series Cap Style Hard Hat Adapter DielectricHard hat adapters fit into slots of cap style hard hatsCan be used with cap mounted earmuffAdjustable while using cap mounted earmuffFits SL Series cap style hard hats and accommodates a variety of face shields

Will sweep heavy debris
Price: $18.95

Gray flagged synthetic border with medium stiff maroon synthetic center. All purpose brush sweeps fine dust, also will sweep heavy debris. Block - natural lacquered block with 2 threaded handle holes. * Handle not included*

Molded Urethane Body and Anodized Steel Threads
Price: $324.95

The Vee Manifold is the better way to apply 2-part adhesives!Adhesive Flow is the key to a 2-part adhesive application. If the manifold becomes clogged, precious production time is lost. With the Vee Manifold, the flow path is straight, unlike traditional manifolds that can have multiple 90* bends that make cleaning dried adhesive impossible. A drill can quickly and easily restore flow to a clogged tube with the Vee manifold.Straight Flow Path: Reduces CloggingAllows for Easy Clean...

Constructed with an All Aluminum Body and 2 Zerk Grease Fittinngs
Price: $519.95

The Vee Manifold is the better way to apply 2-part adhesives!The patented Vee Manifold is constructed with simple straight flow paths that allow a free flowing stream of liquid components for 2 part adhesive application. Straight flow paths allow fro less downtime. No need to disconnect hoses to restore flow interruptions. Quickly remove clogs with provided 12 in. drill bitStraight Flow Path:Reduces CloggingAllows for Easy Clean OutFeatures:60% lighter than other manifoldsAnodized Aluminum...