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Van Mark 3017 TrimCutter
Designed to make your job site life a little easier while saving you time and money
Price: $480.00

The TrimCutter™ is one of the most innovative additions to Van Mark bending brakes. Its unique low-profile handle and 4-point track system keeps the tool adjacent to the brake and cutting accurately. The harden steel knives cut up to 24 ga. Painted Steel Grade D and are design to cut through thousands of feet of material without getting dull while leaving a “factory” smooth edge that is free of sharp points.

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Van Mark TM10-S Mark II TrimMaster Contractor
The TrimMaster is one of the toughest brakes out there
Price: $2,075.00

Building upon the reputation of the Mark I Series, the Mark II TrimMaster arrives with leading technologies such as the Power Lock bar & POWERslot technology for easier bending, making smaller J channels and hollow core hinge extrusions for added strength. We've also left you the ability to make fine-tune adjustments to this brake, though you may never have to. Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW), wedges are independently adjustable and replaceable should the occasion ever arise. After all, we...

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Van Mark IM1065 Industrial Metal Master 20 EZ
The first and only portable 20" throat brake on the market!
Price: $4,670.00

Get back on track with the new standard in portable brakes. The new Industrial Metal Master 20 EZ gives you more flexibility to make the complex bends now in demand with metal & commercial roofing jobs. With a throat depth of 20", the Industrial Metal Master 20 EZ has now become the new standard from which others will be measured. Specs:  Reinforced Lock Master castings are 25% strongerDeepest working pocket available at 20 in., deepest in the industryLow profile extended platform is 9...

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Van Mark IT10-S Mark IV Industrial TrimMaster
Provides easy setup and operation in the shop and on the job site
Price: $4,235.00

The Mark IV Industrial TrimMaster, featuring new Power Lock Bar and POWERslot technology, provide easy setup and operation in the shop and on the job site. Non-marring vinyl strips protect metal finishes leaving clean crisp bends and hems. Our unique cam-locking system clamps to the thickness of the material and not to a factory preset. Should you ever need to fine-tune your brake, each casting comes with independently adjustable UHMW plastic wedges. While some brake manufacturers have taken...