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Single Handle Metal Panel Hemming Tool
High and Low Side Bending of Metal Building Panels (15 1/4" - 20")
Price: $39.95

No more headaches associated with properly Field-Bending the high and low sides of metal building panels. Weather you want to Hem the low sides or Close the high sides, this is the right tool for you! Features: 15 ¼”- 1" Throat x ⅛” Gap17 ¼”- 1 ½” Throat x ⅛” Gap19”- 1 ½” Throat x 3/16” Gap 20”- 1 ½” Throat x ⅛” Gap Zinc-Chromate PlatedSingle Rubber Grip HandleLow Side HemmingHigh Side ClosingCommon Metal Panel Widths: 12",15",16",18"+ No More! Exposed FastenersIce DamagingRusty Panel...

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Van Mark 3017 TrimCutter
Designed to make your job site life a little easier while saving you time and money
Price: $445.00

The TrimCutter™ is one of the most innovative additions to Van Mark bending brakes. Its unique low-profile handle and 4-point track system keeps the tool adjacent to the brake and cutting accurately. The harden steel knives cut up to 24 ga. Painted Steel Grade D and are design to cut through thousands of feet of material without getting dull while leaving a “factory” smooth edge that is free of sharp points.

RAU 106 Eaves Closing Jaws
Jaw Width of 8.69" Allows Quick and Accurate Folding of Eaves Sheet
Price: $269.95

Features:  Jaw Width of 8.69" Allows Quick and Accurate Folding of Eaves Sheet Completes 2nd stage of bending the panel into a finished lock under the drip cap Precision fitting of eaves, gutters, and the final lock for dormer windows Axle held in place by split pins Width: 8.66", Length: 15.80", Weighs: 4.60 lbs.

Midwest Snips MWT-ST2 - 3 in. Offset Seamer Tong
Use offset handle seamer tong for additional leverage to bend or form sheet metal and...
Price: $37.95

Type = Offset Blade Length = 3" (76.2mm) Throat Depth = 1 1/4" (31.8mm) Capacity : Stainless Steel = 24 ga. CR Steel = 22 ga. Aluminum = 20 ga. Copper = 22 ga. Galv. = 22 ga.