Is torch down roofing good?

Water-resistant torch down roofing is an excellent choice in snowy environments. The cap sheet on a torch down roofing system has other excellent properties, including resistance to UV rays, and reflectivity to keep the building cool and energy-efficient.

How long does a torch on roof last?

A Torch-On roof lasts around 20 years and is virtually maintenance-free, during that time. Torch On roofing provides many of the same benefits of traditional tar and gravel roofs.

Can you walk on a torch down roofing?

The torch-on roofing is extremely durable. It has a superior strength that it can resist tears and punctures due to various external factors like walking on the surface. In relation to this, it's also low maintenance as you can leave it as-is for many months without worrying about its condition.

How hot does a roofing torch get?

In terms of clothing, anyone handling a roofing torch should be wearing gloves, boots, and goggles at the very least. Long trousers are recommended – even better if they're flame retardant. A propane blow torch can get as hot as 1,995°C at the very hottest part of the flame.

Do I need a regulator for my propane torch?

The regulator controls the gas flow from the tank's valve to the torch. It also acts as a barrier between the torch and the high pressure of the tank. Without the regulator or with an improperly functioning regulator the gas tank and torch are serious safety hazards.

Best Sellers

Magnum L-100 Field Torch Kit - Standard Nozzle
16" Handle, Standard Ignition, 500,000 BTU
Price: $184.95

Kit Includes: Standard Ignition 50 mm nozzle 500,000 BTU 16" Handle 33 ft. rubber hose Brass construction Spring safety stand Swivel hose end fittings Interchangeable nozzles

Magnum (Modi Systems) ER300 Replacement Regulator
Replacement regulator for roofing torch
Price: $51.05

Replacement regulator 1/4" Left-Hand fittings 30-60 PSI

Flame Engineering Red Dragon Flint Spark Torch Lighter,...
Safe Way to Light LP Gas Torches
Price: $8.95

The convenient and safe way to light propane torches, welders and cutting torches. The Spark Lighter produces up to 1,500 ignitions per flint. The perfect tool when you need dependability, ease of operation and lightweight convenience. The spark lighter flint can be easily replaced with Single Flint Renewals (included) Flint type spark lighter for torches, pack of 5 replacement flints included. Features:  Up to 1500 ignitions per flint Comes with 5 pack of replacement flintsFeatures a...

Sievert DS2944 TurboRoofer Detail Kit
18" Torch Assembly 1 Piece Construction
Price: $172.95

Sievert Turboroofer Detail Torch Kit  Ideal for flashings and small detail work. Kit Includes: 18" Torch Assembly (#3444-47)  Burner Output: 175,000 BTU to 300,000 BTU  25 ft. hose(#1525IS) Adjustable regulator (#3062-93) Spark lighter (#2000S) 

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