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ACRO 26606 - 2 in. x 6 in. 60° Roof Bracket, 16 in. Back...
For use with a sound 2 x 6" plank
Price: $13.80

For use with a sound 2 x 6" plank. Place Brackets no more than 8 feet apart. Use all 4 nail slots. Capacity is one worker plus 40 lbs. of materials per 4' of scaffolding. DO NOT OVERLOAD! FEATURES For use with various pitches and plank sizes 4 offset nail slots (OSHA requires 3) that will not allow the bracket to slide up 6 long welds for strength Back-stiffening rib to eliminate twisting and flexing  Smooth edges and round corners that will not cut hands or work area Easy to set up,...

48 in. Shin-Dig #5010
Use for Carpet, Tile, Shingles, Floors, Walls,Ceilings, Roofs, Plaster, Studs, Ice,...
Price: $69.95
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'The Work Horse', Devours Anything in its Path Removes: Asphalt, fiberglass, asbestos, slate, cedar and tin 48" Length The Blade: Wide-base hardened steel alloy grasps under more of the materials being removed thus allowing you to salvage reusable materials

RipCart™ 5T Roofing Demolition Blade
RipBlade 5x lasts 6 times longer than traditional circular saw blades, 7 1/4" blades for...
Price: $39.95

RipBlade 5x is designed for cutting shingles and decking. It is the most versatile and the longest lasting. Each blade cuts over 9,000 linear feet without clogging and can be sharpened. What the RipBlade 5x cuts: 2 layers of shingles 2 layers of shingles and decking

MBI Tools Shingle Stripper 46 inch
Removes nails and shingles from multi-layered roofs
Price: $37.97

The Shingle Stripper's innovative wedge design works great on removing nails and shingles from multi-layered roofs as well as plank roofs.46" LengthHigh qualityLight weight steel handleComfortable plastic D-Grip11 gauge high strength tempered steelRobotic welds for strength & durabilityBoth residential & commercial use

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