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    The easy-to-use 12048 scaffold brackets offer convenience for residential or commercial roofing projects. They are installed over wall sheathing just below the eave height on one or all four sides of a structure to create a safe, convenient walkway for erection of roof trusses, plywood, shingle, fascia, gutters, and under-eave covering. They include a 3/16" sway brace for right or left hand use and a 5/8" safety bolt and clip. The #12020 Plate Hanger may be used to hook the scaffold bracket over the plate in lieu of using the safety bolt and clip. Install Scaffold Bracket not more than 8 feet apart on a sound stud. Drive nail into stud at bottom of each bracket. Install Safety "J" Bolt and Clip on each Scaffold Bracket. Drill a 5/8" hole on side of stud in line with hole in vertical Bracket member. Insert Safety Bolt through 5/8" hole from inside of building and place "J" Bolt hook around stud. Put Clip on the other end, which laps over vertical member. Securely fasten nut to pull vertical member tightly against outside wall.

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