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    Metal Roof Anchor

    The stem height of the anchor is compatible with high rib roofing panels and blanket type insulation. Waterproofing is achieved using a high quality E.P.D.M. gray colored flashing boot and matching stem cover that has an aluminum flange allowing it to be configured easily to any shape panel. The anchor stem features a collapsible design that will arrest a fall and also reduce the shock load to the Z-Purlin by several hundred pounds. The Super Z-Purlin anchor can be installed onto a purlin before or after erecting and will provide a safe tie-off during the construction period. But the real benefits are realized by workers who have to perform service or maintenance. Few surfaces are as dangerous as a high rib metal roof panel when it is icy, wet, or has an accumulation of algae. All attachment hardware and EPDM Flashing Base for waterproofing is included.

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