Best Sellers

Lumber Crayons
Weatherproof, Case of 12 Only
Price: $13.35

• Standard grade for marking wood, metal or concrete

Mean Streak Permanent Paint Marking Stick
“Paint in a Tube” That Marks Opaquely and Dries in Minutes
Price: $5.75

Solid “paint in a tube” that marks opaquely and dries in minutes More like paint than ink. Waterproof, marks on any surface Works on rubber, concrete, wood, glass, metal, chrome and more Resists fading. Won’t chip or peel Sold Individually

Keson Ultra-Mark Paint 20 oz. / Box of 12.
Ultra-Mark Fluorescent Spray Marker with inverted spray valve, 20 oz. Box of 12.
Price: $101.75

Formulated to generate superior brilliance for long-range visibility. Before marking a dark surface, spray a coat of white to enhance the brightness of the paint. The Ultra-Mark spray paint contains no fluorocarbons, making it non-toxic after drying. Top discharge valve for ease of use. All Keson paint is water-based. Use with PA14, PA35 applicators 100% of Keson paint is made in the USA. The shelf life of a can of paint is approximately 1 year. 20oz can = 17 oz of paint and 3 oz of...

Keson P100 100 ft. Standard Chalk Line Reel
All Metal Design
Price: $13.95

UNIQUE SHAPE AND SPECIAL LINE A great reel for corner work Holds 100 feet of heavy-duty polycord, braided line for superior strength Hook end to allow one person operation Heavy-duty steel crank handle for longer life