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S-5 VersaClip
Slides on the ColorGard® crossmembers. Handy when installing ColorGard in valleys...
Price: $2.44

Availablefor purchase separately, VersaClip™ makes installation easy, as itsimply slides on the ColorGard® crossmember. It can be used with allS-5!™ clamps (one per clamp), and is optional withCorruBracket™. VersaClip™ is not needed with VersaBracket™. VersaClip™is also handy when installing ColorGard® askew, such as is required inthe valleys between intersecting rooflines. ...

S-5-U Clamp
Will Fit about 85% of the Standing Seam Profiles Manufactured in North America
Price: $6.90

The S-5-U clamp is by far our most popular and most versatile clamp. It will fit about 85% of the standing seam profiles manufactured in North America — including most structural and architectural profiles. It can be used on vertically oriented seams and by rotating the clamp 90 degrees it can also be used on most horizontal 2” seam profiles. Its simple design, generous dimensioning and multiple hole orientations are what make it so versatile for use with S-5!™ snow retention products...

S-5 SnowClip II
SnoClip™ is added to retard the migration of snow and ice beneath the crossmembers.
Price: $2.65

SnoClip™ is an aluminum add-on that helps retard the migration of snow and ice beneath either the ColorGard® crossmember, or the SnoRod™ of a SnoRail™ or SnoFence™ system. It has a special integrated rubber "foot" to prevent abrasion of the panel's finish. SnoClip™ snaps to the back of the crossmember or rod and extends down to the flat of the roofing panel.

S-5-S Clamp
For popular snap-together profiles-including residential profiles by Taylor Metals and...
Price: $5.29

The S-5-S clamp is an extraordinarily versatile clamp. It was created especially for popular snap-together profiles-including residential profiles by Taylor Metals and Easy Lock Standing Seam. For horizontal seams under .540 inches, like the Firestone UC4, the S-5-S or S-5-S Mini can be used to avoid having to crimp the seam. Its simple design and ample size make it so strong and versatile it can be used with S-5!™ snow retention products and other heavy-duty applications. The S-5-S...