Works on All Metals, Including Kynar-Coated Metal, Slate, Tile, EPDM Rubber and PVC Membrane

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Made in America!
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SnoBlox-SnoJax Item #: SB-DEUCE -

    The American made SnoBlox Deuce has revolutionized the polycarbonate snow guard industry with its low profile forward mounted 2.5" high face and its sleek 1.5" wide waffled tapered back base that fits most roof panels without rib straddling. This patented product has stood the test of time and is an aesthetically appealing, low cost solution to the problem of sliding snow and ice on metal roofing. It's mounting versatility allows it to be mechanically attached on screw down roofs with a 1.5"...

    The official snow guard adhesive of SnoBlox-Snojax!
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    SnoBlox-SnoJax Item #: SB-SB-190 -

      SureBond SB-190 is the official snow guard adhesive of SnoBlox-Snojax. We pioneered the use of this adhesive with our polycarbonate snow guards over 25 years ago and now it has become the standard in the industry. For a successful installation the adhesive requires 28 days or (672 Hours) at 50 Degrees (F) or above to achieve full cure. Temperatures below 40 Degrees (F) will delay cure time, until temperatures reach 50 Degrees (F) or above to completely cure. Spring, Summer or early Fall is the...

      These screws are designed to attach SnoBlox - SnoJax snow guards
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      SnoBlox-SnoJax Item #: SB-SCREW -

        #14 Wood Purlin Snow Guard Screws These are #14, self-tapping snow guard screw that is 2 inches long with an attached neoprene washer. They are made from case hardened carbon steel construction with an anti-corrosion protective coating. They measure 1/4 - 14 X 2" Teks/3 screws feature a pre-threaded bonded washer and a 3/8” high hex washer head. This screw is design for snow guard attachment into wood purlins or wood substrates at least 2" thick. #14 Metal Purline Snow Guard Screws These are...

        Stop Dangerous Snow Slides
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          Dangerous snow slides can occur when ice and snow build up on pitched roofs. Help reduce the possibility of personal injury or property damage by installing SNOWSHOES on sloped roof areas. SNOWSHOES are molded from a tough polycarbonate polymer that can withstand heavy impacts at low temperatures. Effective on all metals, including Kynar-coated metal. Also for use on slate, tile, EPDM rubber and PVC membrane. SNOWSHOES are designed with a unique "stealth" profile to be strong and...

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