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OMG RB-HW RhinoBond Hand Welder
The stand-alone hand welder weighs approximately 6 lbs., for easy application across the...
Price: $3,695.00
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OMG Item #: OMG-RB-HW -

This lightweight, portable induction welder is designed for use welding RhinoBond Plates in hard to reach areas on the roof such as under rooftop equipment and on vertical surfaces. Based on patented Sinch Technology, the new stand-alone RhinoBond Hand Welder is ergonomically designed and has a vibrating handle feature and an indicator light to let users know when the tool is activated and when the weld cycle is complete. The base features a recessed centering design to help users properly...

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Hand Held Heat Gun Replacement Element
Replacement Element for leading brands of Hand Held Heat Gun
Price: $49.95

Key Features:Replacement Hand Held Heat Gun Heating Element. Fits most major brands of heat welding tools including Leister Triac S and BAK RionSimilar to Leister 100.702 element. Follow these installation instructions on how to replace the element on your Leister Triac, BAK Rion or RACE hand-held heat welder: With the tool unplugged and cooled, remove the four mounting screws that hold the heater tube to the hand piece.Pull the heater tube away from the handle.Slide off the mica tube.Remove...

Hand Held Heat Gun Nozzle - 20mm
Wide Slot Push-Fit 20mm Nozzle
Price: $24.95

Wide Slot Push-Fit 20mm NozzleWill fit BAK RiOn and Leister Triac S handheld heat welders

Hand Held Heat Gun Nozzle - 40mm
Wide Slot Push-Fit 40mm Nozzle
Price: $24.95

Wide Slot Push-Fit 40mm NozzleWill fit BAK RiOn and Leister Triac S handheld heat welders

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RACE Heat Gun w/ Auto Cool Down
Comparable to leading brands
Price: $299.00

Heat Gun Features: Auto-cooling system helps extend the life of the heating element. Detachable air filter design for easy dust clean upHigh heating powerStrong air output. Great for roofing, flooring, tarps, plastic fabrication, etc.Parts are interchangeable with Leister Triac S & BAK Rion heat gunsLarge range of accessories available