FAQs - Roofing Shoes

  • Are Cougar Paws worth it?

    • Working on roofs is a dangerous job, Cougar Paws are not cheap, but well worth the extra money if they save you from just one fall!
  • What are the best shoes for roofing?

    1. Cougar Paws Peak Series Performer Boots are the Best performance roofing boot available.
    2. Cougar Paws Estimator Roofing Shoes are the Best for light duty jobs.
    3. Korkers TuffTrax 3-in-1 Overshoe is the most versatile roofing shoe.
  • How do workers walk on steep roofs?

    • The likelihood of slipping and falling on any roof is dangerous, but especially if it is a steep roof. You will need safety equipment whenever you climb on a steep roof. Even with safety equipment, your most important asset when working on the roof is common sense.

Best Sellers

Cougar Paws Peak Series Replacement Pads
Cougar Paws Peak Series Replacement Pads work exceptionally well on all surfaces. i.e.,...
Price: $23.95

This pad works exceptionally well on all surfaces. i.e., plywood, wood shakes, felt, slate, and shingles * For use ONLY with Peak Line Series Boots *

Korkers TuffTrax IA5300 Foam Replacement Roofing Soles
Excellent for Metal and Tile
Price: $7.99

Foam Sole Excellent for metal and tile roofs even when wet or oily

Ships Free!
Korkers IA5300 TuffTrax 3-in-1 Convertible Overshoe Sandal
Korkers 3 in 1 Convertible Work Over-Shoe can be used on a variety of surfaces
Price: $79.99

If you are looking for the ultimate in versatility, traction, and performance Korkers 3 in 1 Convertible Over-Shoe is the perfect choice.Korkers Convertible gives you the choice of three interchangeable soles that securely fit onto one shoe frame for a variety of different surfaces and applications. While one job may require work on a metal surface, tomorrows may require work on cedar shake roof. Being able to quickly change the sole gives you the versatility and flexibility to handle just...

Cougar Paws Estimator Boots
Cougar Paws Estimator Boots have Leather and Nylon uppers that reduce the weight found...
Price: $169.00

Traction-grip technology is not limited to heavy-duty work boots. Cougar Paws has developed a lightweight alternative to the Peak Performer Roofing Boots that provides an extra layer of comfort and flexibility. The nylon/leather Estimator Roofing Shoes give the same stability with a more stylish, lighter design. These are ideal for painters, insurance claim inspectors and solar installation workers who are only roof climbing in short bursts rather than hours at a time. The Estimator Roofing...