Whether you have owned your own roofing company for years or you are just getting started, you know the importance of having high-quality equipment and materials for your workers and for yourself. OMG, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of fasteners and construction accessories for commercial and low-slope roofing applications. They offer the industry’s broadest line of specialty fasteners and plates, as well as insulation adhesives, retrofit roof drains, pipe supports and a wide selection of productivity tools. We are pleased to offer this selection of tools and equipment for you to browse through today.

Your tools are as important as your employees. Your business relies on being able to knock out jobs quickly, efficiently, and safely, and even if you have a good team of roofers, the tools they use help with that and if you use inefficient or low-quality tools, then it won’t matter how good the roofers are, you’ll still find yourself not completing roofs as quickly or safely as possible. Luckily, when you supply your employees with items from OMG, Inc. you can rest assured you are getting them some of the best in the industry. Not only that, but we have a great selection from them available including, hand welders, marking tools, solar racking roof mounts, pump seal kits, and OlyBond foam adhesive, just to name a few.

OMG, Inc. started with humble beginnings in 1981 with their first fastener sale and has since grown into a major manufacturer of some of the top roofing supplies in the business. It’s estimated that 65% of all commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings in the US have at least one OMG, Inc. product on their roof. With humble beginnings, this company has grown and expanded into other parts of the world and has continued to do so. If you have any questions about this company and their expansion, please contact us, we would be happy to assist.

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