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    OMG OlyVents are engineered to prolong the life of the roof system by reducing moisture within the roof system and trapped air pressure within the building. The one-way vent allows trapped air pressure to escape while the two-way breather, combined with the one-way vent, will help reduce moisture. Trapped air pressure and moisture can cause a reduction in thermal protection of the insulation and roof membrane system leading to roof deck damage. Available as either one-way vents or two-way breathers.


    • Features a Duro Nitrile rubber valve, allowing trapped air pressure to escape, which helps reduce blistering of the roof system, and damage to both roof insulation and the roof structure
    • Made of heavy gauge spun aluminum
    • Conical shape and wide base opening offers greater performance than standard, cylindrical designed vents
    • A simple identification feature distinguishes the one-way vent from the two-way breather, allowing for roof inspections to be completed quickly and thoroughly
    • Can be used with either single ply or BUR applications

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