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    Safety Bar Temporary/Reusable Anchor

    The Safety Bar is a unique fall protection anchor for use while working with open truss situations. It spans 3 trusses and locks in securely with detent pins while gauging the trusses 24” on center. 2 users and tie off to the safety bar with the use of a shock absorbing lanyard or SRL’s.

    Our Safety Bar is the only product on the market for open framing fall protection and is used by framing crews across the country for OSHA compliance during the absolute most difficult time to provide fall protection.

    • Provides Fall Protection for 2 Workers
    • Built Specifically for Open Framing Fall Protection
    • Models for 2×6 Trusses
    • Use with SRL or Vertical Lifelines

    3 Truss Anchor, Temporary Use up to 2 Person

    Fall Protection Rating: Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint 

    Structure Attachment: Wood Trusses 2x6

    Min. 5,000 Pounds

    Average Tensile: 5,000 Pounds

    Material: 340 pounds Including Tools and Equipment 

    Hardware: Stainless Steel Detent Pins

    OSHA Standards: 1926:502

    ANSI Standards: Z359.1-07 and A10.32-2012

    Please read and understand the manufacturer instructions before using this product. 

    English Instructions | Spanish Instructions



    Provides a Sturdy Tie-Off Point

  • Safety Bar for 2x6 top chords.

  • Can be used with SRL's or vertical lifelines

  • Comes with T-handle locking detent pins

  • Powder coated bright red

  • Cold rolled square tubing

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