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    DuraSil is a highly flexible silicone adhesive/sealant/caulk designed for 50% joint movement that can handle very low to high temperature extremes. It bonds to difficult surfaces quickly.

    Use on glass, aluminum, steel, masonry, polycarbonate, vinyl (PVC), fiberglass (FRP), acrylic, Kynar 500 PVDF, Tedlar PVF, coated metals and concrete. We stock DuraSil in white and translucent.

    This product contains no biocides or fungicides. It is ultra-low odor when wet and no odor once cured. The white will turn slightly off-white over time. The translucent is not clear, but a cloudy color.

    Use rubbing alcohol to smooth. Do not use water or mineral spirits or products with xylene.


    Features & benefits

    • Highly elastic — expands or contracts up to 50%
    • Versatile — bonds to dissimilar materials
    • Bonds at radical temperatures — from minus 80 °F to plus 400 °F
    • Easy-to-use — tack-free and rain-ready in 10 minutes; won't pick up dirt as you work
    • Non-toxic — solvent free, no formaldehyde or hazardous chemicals
    • Low-odor — pleasant to use
    • Safe — for everyone, including the chemically sensitive
    • Eco-friendly — low VOC, non-polluting

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