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    Duralink is an extremely elastic moisture curing sealant designed for use on metal substrates, curtain wall constructions and joints subject to very high movement. Duralink has +/-50% joint movement. Duralink is thermosetting and adheres tenaciously to metal surfaces, most engineering plastics and difficult to bond painted substrates. 


    • 100% VOC compliant 
    • Bonds to PVDF coated metal
    • Solvent Free
    • 100% Solids, will not shrink
    • Non-Slump, applies vertically and overhead
    • 30 minute skin over
    • +/-50 joint movement
    • No outgassing on damp surfaces
    • Very good color stability, will not suntan
    • Paintable within 24 hrs.
    • Gun grade, no special tools or mixing required
    • Can be applied to temps as low as 30 degrees (-2 degrees C)
    • * Test and Evaluate all paints before application, Alkyd and Oil based paints may dry slowly *

    Industrial Uses

    Truck Bodies and Trailers, Rail Cars and Containers, Buses and RV's, Utility Trailers, Air Craft, Manufactured Housing, Furniture, Solar Panels, Appliances, HVAC equipment, Marine applications, Sound Damping, Vibration Damping, Window Assembly


    Bronze, Dark Bronze, Black, Forest Green, Stone, Gray, Terra Cotta, Aluminum, Limestone, Tan, Almond, White


    Duralink Data Sheet

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