How does a mobile fall protection cart work?

If a fall were to occur, the cart has a roof safety engagement device that penetrates the roof. This creates a secure anchor point to restrain or arrest the fall.

Not all mobile fall protection carts have this engagement device, others have their own unique fall protection methods.

Are Mobile Fall Protection Carts OSHA approved?

All carts must be manufactured in compliance with OSHA regulation 1926.502(d) for fall arrest anchors.

Can the engagement system be installed on the roofing carts I already own?

No, these carts are specifically designed and tested to operate in combination with the roof safety engagement device.

*A fabricated roofing cart does not comply with OSHA regulations without proper testing and certification.

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AES Raptor TriRex Mobile Fall Protection System w/20 cu....
Allows for 3 Workers for Fall Arrest and 2 for Fall Restraint, at the same time.

Fall Arrest rating for three workers and Fall Restraint for two. For Concrete applications, only 2 Workers for Fall Arrest and 2 for Fall Restraint. With the new job box and material rack, you will see safe and productive increases for your leading edge work. Includes Flat-Free Tires, 20 cf Job Box (w/double door opening from the center) and a Material Rack. Additional 12 cf job box and Raptor Alert available as an option. The TriRex was redesigned in 2011 from the ground up, based on customer...

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AES Raptor Stinger Mobile Fall Protection Unit
With 16" x 6.5" x 8" Flat Free Tires
Price: $2,623.50

AES Raptor Stinger Mobile Fall Protection Cart with 16" x 6.5" x 8" Flat Free Tires Compact and Transportable. Can be easily loaded into the back of a pick-up and will fit into elevators and through doorways. With its unique design, the weights can be removed, easily reducing the overall weight of the main unit and allowing two workers to take it up stairs, through penthouses, and adapt to a variety of demanding, leading edge, fall issues.Allows one worker to be tied for fall arrest and one...

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Roof Zone Penetrator Mobile Fall Protection Device w/Cart...
Allows 5 Worker Maximum Protection
Price: $2,995.00

The new Roof Zone Penetrator Mobile Fall Protection system provides fall protection for 3 Fall Arrest and 2 Fall Restraint for a total of 5 Protected Workers. How Does It Work?: When a fall occurs it's powerful penetrating spike engages, piercing into the roof deck, creating a safe secure anchor. The Penetrator is compliant with OSHA Fall Protection Regulation 1926.502. This systems can be used on most substrates, EXCLUDES lightweight concrete. The Penetrator has been tested on built-up, TPO,...

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Roof Zone Penetrator 2+2 Mobile Fall Protection Device
Price: $2,795.00

Penetrator 2+2 mobile fall protection system offers both unparalleled portability and compact design. Ships job site ready on a standard pallet, handles are retractable and pin into place. Optional cover available for rooftop storage when not in use. Remove cover for fall protection compliance at a moment’s notice for any workers requiring rooftop access. The Penetrator 2+2 provides fall protection for 2 fall arrest and 2 fall restraint or a total of 4 workers. When a fall occurs, the powerful...