Shock Packs (In-Line Energy Absorbers)

Most Self-Retracting Lifelines are designed to be mounted to an overhead anchorage connector whenever possible and to a suitable anchorage point. During flat roofing, leading edge or similar applications, this isn’t always possible. Due to the lack of overhead anchorage, mounting the SRL’s at or below the back D-ring of the users harness may be necessary. For these applications, the SRL is considered to be used for horizontal movement. If the cable of the SRL has the potential to travel over the edge of a flat surface, the potential for cable sheer may exist. This is due to a 90° bend in the lifeline, the sharp edge of a platform and fall arrest forces created by the fallen worker. For this application, manufacturers recommend a rubber bumper or padding around the sharp edge and the use of a shock pack between the workers harness and the snap at the end of the SRL. A shock pack is a separate in-line energy absorber designed to help protect the lifeline and reduce the impact forces in the event of a fall. DO NOT use energy absorbing lanyards for this purpose. There are shock packs specifically designed for this application.

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Retrofit non-shock lanyard to use in fall arrest
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Guardian Fall Protection Item #: GUA-01205 -

    The Guardian Fall Protection Extension Lanyard offers the convenient option of lengthening a full-body harness dorsal D-ring, making it easier to attach to. The snap hook component of the Extension Lanyard attaches directly to the dorsal D-ring, and then the Extension Lanyard D-ring becomes the new harness connection point. This product is ideal for workers who cannot comfortably reach their harness dorsal D-ring, as well as to attach a shock absorbing component to a lanyard that is not...

    Used to lower the lanyard attachment point to waist level
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      A separate in-line energy absorber must be installed between the ends of the lifeline and the harness to reduce the arrest forces resulting from falling over an edge. This energy absorber is connected in-line between the harness dorsal d-ring and the SRL’s snaphook. Do Not use energy absorbing lanyards for this purpose.

      Add in-line to a non-shock absorbing lanyard for fall arrest applications
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        PRO™ Shock Absorber: Shock absorber (ONLY) with D-ring at one end, snap hook at other x 18-1/2" (47cm). Add in-line to a non-shock absorbing lanyard for fall arrest applications. Instructions

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