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    Falls through skylights cause severe injuries and death.

    Now there's a quick and easy way to protect your workers AND allow them to work around a low slope rooftop skylight without being tied off!

    The RACE Rail Skylight Safety Kit is the first non-penetrating adjustable skylight protection system that allows unobstructed access to the roof surrounding the skylight and it takes just minutes to install! Adjustable to fit a 30" x 30" skylight up to a 4' x 4' skylight. Optional extension kit will accommodate a 4' x 8' skylight.

    For years, we've struggled with the shortcomings of skylight safety products:

    • SKYLIGHT NETS - Obstructs access to work around the skylight and once moved, workers need to be tied off. Falling through nets is still an injury risk.
    • CATTLE GATE STYLE SAFETY RAILS W/HEAVY BASES - Obstructs access to work around the skylight and once moved, workers need to be tied off.
    • SAFETY SCREENS, SCREEN GUARDS - Not adjustable. Time consuming installation. Detailed measurements required. Some require penetration of the skylight frame. Steel mesh is cumbersome and difficult to handle.
    • SKYDOMES & CUSTOM RAIL COVERS - Obstructs access to work around the skylight and once moved, workers need to be tied off. Cumbersome, heavy and difficult to handle.
    • REMOVING THE SKYLIGHT & COVERING W/PLYWOOD - Labor intensive. Restricts light source inside the building which might require unnecessary conversations with the building owner. 

    The RACE Rail Skylight Kit is:

        • Patent Pending
        • OSHA Compliant
        • Adjustable
        • Quick and easy to install
        • Non-Penetrating

        Kit includes:

        • 4 Legs
        • 8 Adjustable Railings
        • 8 T-Handle
        • 16 Locking Pins


        Kevin Halm - NCR Roofing & Maintenance, Inc. Broadview, IL

        "These are easy to install and protect the most important asset - our employees.
        I would recommend these for all roofing contractors because they allow your employees to work around one of the greatest safety challenges on a roof and still be in compliance with OSHA. Great design"

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