• Tramex CME 4 Concrete Encounter - TRAMEX-CME4
  • Tramex CME 4 Concrete Encounter - TRAMEX-CME4
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    Tramex CME4 provides instant non-destructive content testing per ASTM F2659 for concrete slabs. The CME4 moisture meter is designed specifically for use on concrete slabs and measures up to 6% moisture content. A concrete slab may appear to be dry, but without proper moisture testing before installing carpet or other materials could lead to floor failures such as condensation, blistering, mold, or other conditions that would deteriorate the floor covering.

    A technician is easily able to take multiple test using the CME4 over a large area in a very short time frame to verify that the floor is ready for the next step. The moisture content is easily read on the clear analog display. In addition, the unit includes a hold button to “freeze” readings when taking measurements in hard to read areas.

    The handheld meter features eight spring-loaded pins on the back to ensure proper contact even on a non-level surface and to boost signal penetration. These pins detect and evaluate the moisture condition in concrete and hard surfaces ½ - ¾” deep. Readings taken on concrete slabs through paint, coatings, adhesives or other materials on the surface should be considered comparative and not quantitative.


    • Instant, accurate, and non-Destructive Moisture Content Tests
    • Performs tests per ASTM F2659
    • Measures up to 6% moisture content in concrete
    • Easy to read analog display
    • Hold function to “freeze” meter readings to record data in hard to reach places
    • Spring-loaded contact pins help compensate for uneven surfaces

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