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    The QUIKRIP is HERE! This innovative demolition tool efficiently removes roof-sheathing, decking, shingles, and most other materials more easily and without the painstaking use of traditional methods like stray two-by-fours or tediously placed pry-bars. Say goodbye to excruciating back pain and over extended elbows by using QUIKRIP, a SAFE, DURABLE and extremely PRODUCTIVE demolition tool.

    QuikRip is an innovative new demolition tool created for contractors and demolition professionals. For years, there has been a need for tools that are easier to handle, less strenuous on the back, and that complete demolition projects faster and more efficiently. After several designs and tests, the ergonomic QuikRip came to fruition.

    Designed by NASA - SATOP engineers for increased lifespan and durability!

    QuikRip is the ideal combination of strength and durability. The pultruted fiberglass handle with adjustable fulcrum allows for great leverage, while the sturdy 14 gauge steel diamond plate head slides between joists and rafters for easy removal. QuikRip cleanly lifts off solid material in one smooth motion. QuikRip has been thoroughly field tested in-house and by independent contractors to confirm quality and efficiency.

    Whether used for roof removal, deck removal, subfloor removal, shingle removal, or a similar demolition project, QuikRip completes the job faster, saving time and money. In fact, based on field testing and customer feedback, QuikRip can reduce labor by up to 40%. Such a reduction in labor costs pays for the demolition tool in one day of work. Faster demolition, smart investment.


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