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    The Suspension Trauma Relief System is designed to be installed on an existing full body harness to provide relief from suspension trauma until rescue can be implemented.

    • Helps to prevent the On-Set of suspension trauma in the event of a fall
    • Infinitely adjustable to fit any user regardless of height
    • Two-Part system easily attaches to the front torso of any full body harness
    • Accommodates both feet, giving the user stability and the ability to shift and move to remain comfortable
    • 2-part UniFit system easily attaches to most harnesses with choke-on snap fastener installation
    • Adjustable length step-in continuous loop accommodates both user's feet to relieve pressure and improve balance.
    • Features paired thumb loops for quick user deployment after a fall
    • Step-in webbing assembly features full-length reflective striping and steel adjuster buckles

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