• SAS D-Shakl Anchor  - SAS-1029
  • SAS D-Shakl Anchor  - SAS-1029
  • SAS D-Shakl Anchor  - SAS-1029
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    The D-ShakL anchor can be mounted onto various surfaces and used in numerous ways – it is truly a universal anchor point. It is a 360-degree use anchor. Unlike other anchors, our forged D-ring is captured on the shackle with a spot-welded plate. This keeps the D-ring united with the anchor at all times, especially during installation in tough situations.

    The anchor is only 4.5” x 2.0” and can be mounted on the exterior or interior of structures. It can be installed onto wood framing, concrete and metal structures for a permanent or temporary application. It is rated for 5,000 pounds and installs with ½” hardware (bolts/all-thread/concrete wedge anchors/poured in place concrete anchors/epoxy/field weld). The anchor can also be used in a horizontal lifeline application for up to 3 workers in fall restrain using our pre-made 3/8” cable lifelines.

    The D-ShakL is not designed as a roof mounted anchor point as there is no way to waterproof it. Exterior wood framed walls can be flashed, and concrete/masonry walls require caulking on the edges. Fasteners are supplied by customer. A separate anchor can be used as a backer plate or the installer can use washers to secure the backside of the anchor point.

    • STRUCTURE ATTACHMENTS: Wood Beams, Wood Trusses, Steel Decking, Structural Steel, Concrete, etc.
    • STRUCTURE CONFIGURATION: Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Roof Field, Flat, Vertical and Upside Down
    • ATTACHMENT HARDWARE: ½” Grade-8 Bolts, A-307 Threaded Rod, Concrete Wedge Anchors or Field Welding
      • Stand Alone Anchor/Tie-Back Anchors for 1 person Fall Protection
      • Horizontal Lifeline System for 2 users in fall arrest from 10-20’ with multiple horizontal lines linked together using center/intermediate anchors.
      • Horizontal Lifeline System for 3 users in fall restraint from 10-20’ with the option of multiple horizontal lines linked together using center/intermediate anchors.

    Each D-shakL Anchor comes with a 2-page comprehensive Instruction/Specification Manual to cover most installation options. See the Engineering tab for comprehensive design/testing/engineering documents.

    • Complies with OSHA 1926:502 and 1910:140
    • ASTM 123 Hot Dip Galvanized Coating
    • 5,000-pound Minimum Strength
    • Numerous Mounting Options Available
    • Can be used to mount Vertical Lifeline or SRL’s
    • Stand Alone Anchors or Use in Horizontal Lifeline System
    • ASTM Hot Dip Galvanized Coating
    • Large Inventory in Stock
    • Engineered Design for Easy Compliance

    Please read and understand the manufacturer instructions before using this product 

    Instruction/Specification Manual

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