• S-5 VersaGard - S-5-VersaGard
  • S-5 VersaGard - S-5-VersaGard
  • S-5 VersaGard - S-5-VersaGard
  • S-5 VersaGard - S-5-VersaGard
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    S-5 VersaGard is used to accommodate various rib heights and support one or two height preferences. VersaGard can be installed Parallel (for Snow Retention or PV Installations) or Perpendicular to the rib (for PV Installations). VersaGard comes with a factory-applied butyl sealant on the base, and the S-5 patented reservoir conceals the sealant from UV exposure, preventing drying and cracks. Compatible with most metal roofing materials, the VersaGard has been tested for load-to-failure results on wood decking, metal, and wood purlins


    Tools Needed:

    • Electric Screw Gun
    • Rag
    • String Line
    • Tape Measure

    VersaGard should be placed in the flat of the panel, between the ribs, and never straddling a striation. VersaGard must be mounted directly over and into the supporting structure of the roof, i.e. wood decking, wood or steel purlins, or trusses, NEVER into the metal roofing material alone. To accommodate various rib heights and to support one- or two-pipe preferences, VersaGard comes with two 1.05" holes (1" pipe not included). To support PV installation, the diagonal “slot” provides height flexibility

    To Install VersaGard

    1.Determine the location of the supporting structure of the roof. VersaGard can be installed parallel (for snow retention or PV installations) or perpendicular to the rib (for PV installations). When possible, secure VersaGard using all hole locations; when not possible, always use the two upslope hole locations. The only surface preparation necessary is to simply wipe away excess oil and debris.

    2. Peel the release paper from the base, align, and apply to roof surface.

    3. Secure the VersaGard by drilling screws into the pre-punched holes directly into the supporting structure of the roof. Consult the S-5! Load Table at www.S-5.com/LoadTable for more information. To ensure they are installed in a straight line, install a single VersaGard on each end of the roof at a measured, consistent distance from the bottom edge of the roof. Use a string line between the two VersaGards. Mount the remaining VersaGards along the string line, directly into the supporting structure of the roof.

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    Reviewer: M&E contracting on 1/14/2021

    Snow stays put !!!!!!
    Bought on a wim used electrical galvanized tubing between rack bracket and works fantastic. A lot cheaper the other metal roof snow stoppers. Would highly recommend.