S5 Clamps

S-5!™ founder Rob Haddock has thirty-five years in the industry. Starting out as a metal building erector, today Rob is a well-known metal roof consultant, author, speaker and inventor. Throughout it all, Rob has been unwavering in his belief that metal roofing is superior to other types of roofing, and believes just as strongly today that his S-5!™ clamp innovation is making metal the most user-friendly roof type on the market today. “There is simply no other roof to which things can be attached with such ease, economy and security," he said.

In many states, metal roofing offers an undeniable advantage compared to other roofing materials. With metal roofing, you don’t have to worry about shingles being blown off, nor do you need to worry about damage, as metal is a very sturdy material. However, you may have found that securing metal roofing is a bit more difficult, that is, until S-5 clamps. These remarkable claps allow you to attach things to modern standing seam metal roofs without jeopardizing the integrity of the system and violating warranties.

S-5 clamps are just the beginning of this remarkable brand. We also carry a variety of grips, inserts, guards, and more so you can easily install anything needed to metal roofing, while resting assured that this is a secure way to do so. Not only will your items stay attached, but you’ll be blown away with how easy the installation is. Check out our selection today!

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