• Ladder-Max "Original" Ladder Stand-Off Stabilizer - 180-LADMAX
  • Ladder-Max "Original" Ladder Stand-Off Stabilizer - 180-LADMAX
  • Ladder-Max "Original" Ladder Stand-Off Stabilizer - 180-LADMAX
  • Ladder-Max "Original" Ladder Stand-Off Stabilizer - 180-LADMAX
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    The super sturdy Ladder-Max is professional grade, but homeowner friendly. It provides 19" of standoff from gutters, roofing and walls while stabilizing your ladder with arms that reach 36" from tip to tip. Our signature orange tips are made in the USA of non-marring heavy duty plastic and provide four points of stable contact to protect you from sideslip and to protect the surface on which your Ladder-Max standoff rests. The standoff distance also allows you to work in a natural, unstrained position. You're able to reach farther more safely.

    The Ladder-Max standoff is constructed in the USA of rugged, durable, rust-resistant steel and is built to last. It has the highest duty rating for type 1AA ladders with a special duty rating of #375.

    We conducted additional testing in a battle which pitted Ladder-Max against a 4X4 truck. Click here to see who won!

    Ladder-Max fits all major aluminum, wood and fiberglass extension and articulating ladders including Werner, Louisville, Howard, Gorilla, Little Giant, Green Bull and others. Ladder Max slips over 2 of your ladder's rungs, which should be 12 inches on center.

    Ladder-Max makes your ladder SAFER!

    • Improves ladder stability
    • Increases safety when getting on the roof
    • Protects gutters, roofing, siding and paint finishes
    • Certified for direct roof placement

    Ladder- Max standoff stabilizer is OSHA compliant and structurally built to withstand the weight of placing the stabilizing arms directly on a roof while stabilizing and supporting the weight of the individual on the ladder and still providing the necessary standoff distance to protect gutters and roofing materials from being damaged by the ladder leaning against them. To easily access the roof, the Ladder-Max is placed on the 4th and 5th rungs of an extension ladder, allowing the other rungs of the ladder to extend 36" above the roof surface. The user can then climb the ladder up to the roof and, while holding onto the ladder rails which extend past the roof, side step onto it.

    gutters-cta.jpg painting-cta.jpg roofing-cta.jpg
    safe-cta.jpg christmaseaves-cta.jpg install-cta.jpg

    Use Your Ladder-Max Year Round

    • Cleaning gutters
    • Installing Gutter Brush Gutter Guard
    • Safely accessing your roof
    • Cleaning windows
    • Decorating with Christmas lights
    • Snow removal
    • Painting and caulking
    • Home improvement projects
    On and off your ladder in 10 seconds without tools
    ladder-max-newflyer-4-13.jpg ladder-max-1newflyer-4-14.jpg ladder-max-newflyer-4-15.jpg
    The pins that hold the Ladder-Max in place are not structural and only intended to hold the unit in place on your ladder until it is leaned against the bearing point, such as a wall or roof. Once the standoff and ladder are in place and there is weight on the ladder it will not move, provides great stability and prevents side slip.
    • Ladder Max takes seconds to attach and remove from your ladder
    • Rugged, durable, steel construction
    • Designed and certified for roof placement

    ANSI tested and certified
    OSHA compliant

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