Cougar Paws, The Performer Is a Tool You Can Wear!

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Finally a tool you can wear. Make Cougar Paws boots, shoes & accessories part of your safety plan. Cougar paws boot was not designed by just anybody, this boot was developed by a roofer. Someone who knows the challenges you face on a daily basis, a person that knows what is like to work above ground.

Patent Pending traction grip technology is implemented on Cougar Paws boots resulting in a durable and comfortable wear, while keeping safety a priority! This performer boot comes with a sturdy strap that prevents your foot from sliding on steep roofs. Making it the ideal roofer's boot!

Adding accessories such as spike covers only enhances your safety even more. This boot alongside all your safety fall protection equipment provides a nice balance fit. Cougar paws boots & accessories works to help add another level of security & comfort not found anywhere else in the market today. Durability with a touch of style.

The Performer is Cougar Paws flagship model, soft leather exterior & reinforced toe. Cougar Paws have been tested up to a 12/12 pitch, however other measures can be taken to steeper pitches. The peak Performer's high ankles will protect you from rolling or stumbling as you make your way up on the roof. In addition, Peak Line Pads will absorb the heat from asphalt roof-tops, while the light coloration keeps your feet cool in the sun.

Cougar Paws recommends utilizing Pad Covers to protect your pads from excess wear and tear when walking around job sites. For those doing roof tear-offs, we recommend the Spiked Covers to protect your pads and remain stable on any material.

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