BAK RoofOn Automatic Heat Welding Machine

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BAK RoofOn automatic heat welding machine is our smallest hot-air welding machine for welding of all thermoplastic roof material. Checked & tested on continuous speed, temperature & airflow. All adjustments are made through the potentiometer. Includes an easy to install center wheel conversion kit for outer perimeter & parapet wall top welding. In addition, the BAK RoofOn Machine works great for flashing & seam overlap. This product is lightweight, powerful & environmentally friendly.

Hand welders can be very time consuming. BAK automatic welder allows you to work standing up, resulting in a much comfortable & faster workflow. Also, helps increase productivity by eliminating the fatigue & back pain caused from working on your hands and knees.

  • Automated drive
  • High welding speed
  • Great on projects 20-70 square in size
  • Welds up to and including 60 mil membrane thickness
  • 230V, 3400W
  • Temperature: 68-1112 °F
  • 40mm nozzle
  • Lightweight 31 lbs
  • Auto start function
  • Direct drive transmission

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