7x More Power Than A Backpack Blower

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The Billy Goat Forced II Wheel Blower features a smooth and powerful airflow, the steel housing is very quiet & eliminates air voids. Aim-N-Shoot technology helps direct airflow for your convenience. Whether you are using it for its most common use, leaf clean-ups or using it for roof drying, Billy Goat blowers help you get the job done faster. All models are 30% lighter & deliver 7x more power than a backpack blower.

Billy Goat Blowers have got you cover from residential maneuverable blowers to commercial units that can take on any task. All blowers feature a self propelled option, eliminating fatigue & back pain as there is no need to push, resulting in increased productivity. This product has been carefully designed and manufactured to provide years of reliable and productive service.

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