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    Designed for sausage applications but can be used for bulk with no changeover. Supplied with Albion’s disposable orange plastic cones. Recommended for joints up to 5/8 inch wide.


    • Ergonomic - Greatly reduces trigger-hand fatigue and wrist strain versus manual guns.
    • Heavy Duty - all-metal gearbox develops 620 lbs of force.
    • High Productivity - Max speed of 23 inches per minute means the job gets done fast.
    • Total Dispensing Control - Set adjustable speed dial to desired speed rate and fine-tune with variable speed trigger.
    • Power Efficient - Dispense over 185 lates 10 oz cartridges or over 60 cold urethane 10 oz cartridges on one charge.
    • Auto-Reverse - Relieves pressure and reduces cartridge run-on 14.4 Volt Battery - included with one-hour charger.
    • Easy Changeover - Kits available for easy conversion to a cartridge, bulk, or sausage dispensing.
    • Compatibility - Accepts all Albion air and manual gun accessories.

    Kit includes:

    • DL-45-T14E Albion Sausage Gun.
    • Teflon and Hytrel pistons.
    • 14.4 Volt Battery.
    • Charger.
    • Three #235-3 Orange Cone Nozzles.


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