Frank P. Frey & Company was founded in 1922 with a mission to help make roofing contractors more efficient. Frank P. Frey had a new way of taking products from the ground to the roof. In those days, manual hoists were the only option available to roofers. Frank P. Frey designed, manufactured and installed the Truck Hoist. As demand for the Truck Hoist increased, roofers then asked if the company could furnish them with mops and other roofing tools. In an effort to improve service to local contractors, Frank P. Frey & Company soon became a manufacturer and distributor of many tools for the roofing contractor.

The company started on West Monroe Street in Chicago, IL and moved to Madison St around 1925. For many years, the company manufactured roof brackets, hot pipe, bucket bails, the original "Frey Pouring Can", asphalt supply buckets, the unique round bottom mop bucket, pigtail hooks, and a handmade wooden "T" Beam, a standard in the roofing industry prior to the development of the 2-piece, metal beam. The company also brought several slate tools to the industry. Frank P. Frey helped to develop and refine the Slate Hammer. The picture above shows Frank P. Frey in the midst of some tool talk with a union representative and a slater.

Frank P. Frey wanted roofing contractors to have easy access to the company's complete line of products. He had an idea to produce a catalog that would fit in your back pocket and travel with contractors to job sites. Here is an excerpt from a company catalog printed in the mid-60's: "We have incorporated in this booklet some of the items we manufacture and also merchandise for concerns we represent... Everything for the Roofer."

In need of more space, the company moved to N. 31st Ave in Melrose Park, IL in 1969. Frank P. Frey helped the company settle in Melrose Park and, after committing 49 years to the roofing industry, passed away in 1971. His mission continues through his grandchildren, great grandchildren and extended family, who have stepped in and continue to guide the company to this day.

Frank P. Frey & Company became known as The Frey Company over the years. In the early 90's The Frey Company spun-off a mail-order roofing tool company called Big Rock Supply. Big Rock Supply continues the mission of Frank P. Frey by giving roofing contractors easy access to the company's complete line of roofing tools in a catalog format. Big Rock Supply launched a website ( in 2000 that allowed contractors to purchase roofing tools online.

The company acquired RACE Roofing Supplies Ltd, a competitor of 40 years, in late 2008. The Frey Company and Big Rock Supply then bid farewell to Melrose Park, IL and moved to the RACE location at 330 Meyer Rd in Bensenville, IL. The Big Rock Supply Superstore is easily accessible from O'Hare International Airport and most of the major expressways in Chicago.

The Frey Company is a past Supplier of the Year award recipient from the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association. In 2008, The Frey Company and RACE Roofing Supplies Ltd were recognized for being 25-year exhibitors at the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association Trade Show.

The mission of Big Rock Supply is to help roofing contractors work more efficiently by providing quality tools and equipment at competitive prices. To become a part of our tribe, please request a free catalogshop bigrocksupply.comvisit our superstoresubscribe to our newsletter, like us on facebookfollow us on twitterread our blogwatch us on youtube, or give us a call at 800.859.4077 or 630.350.2300.

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