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    For use up to an 8 inch fastener.

    The OMG AccuTrac Tool is an Automated Insulation attachment system providing the lowest installed cost for mechanical insulation attachments. This simple to use tool minimizes worker fatigue as it eliminates the constant bending over method of fastening. The AccuTrac tool properly positions the AccuTrac insulation plate and drives the fastener for maximum engagement and pullout performance. By setting the Insulation Plate and Fastener in one motion, the AccuTrac does the job of two people, increasing productivity

    AccuTrac Brochure

    AccuTrac Manual

    Benefits and Features

    - The Depth Adjustment Ring Eliminates Over-driving and Under-driving of   fasteners while providing consistent vertical alignment. Ensuring maximum thread engagement and pull out performance

    - For Versatility, the AccoTrac tool handles two types of plate: A Flat Bottom Plate for Hard Boards and Counter Sunk Plates for normal applications

    -Universal Drive Shaft accepts: Hex and Philips Drive Bits

    -The Anti-Jam feeder tube reduces jamming caused by double-feeding fasteners

    - Chances of downtime are greatly reduced

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