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    DBI/Sala Rope-Safe takes rope grabs to the next level. This unique Kernmantle rope grab provides the versatility of easily switching between an automatic or manual rope grab. The Rope-Safe features a built in Anti-Panic Grip which function engages to arrest a fall even if the user grasps the rope grab in a way the interferes with the primary break. It's patented inertia Cam engages the device from the action of a fall regardless of operation mode. The Rope-Safe is compliant to ANSI Z359.1, ANSI A10.32, OSHA 1926.500 adding security, safety, and confidence.


    Operation Switch: Easily switch from Automatic to Manual and back with a push of a button, even while waring gloves

    Swivel Cover: Easy Attachment and Detachment to lifeline without disconnecting fro the user

    Gravity Latch: Helps avoid the possibility of attaching to the lifeline in the wrong direction

    Non Abrasive Cam: Prevents pre-mature wear and tear of rope

    Integral Swivel: Allows the device to travel freely on the lifeline regardless of the harness "D" ring operation

    Triple Action Carabiner: Lightweight with a 3,600 lb. gate strength 

    Shock Pack: Integrated shock pack limits arresting forces 1,348 lbs., 310 lb. capacity

    Shock Absorbing Lanyard: 1 ft. lanyard

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