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    The Big Bear Trim Coil Dispenser prevents coil from unraveling while working. To install the coil onto the dispenser just take the coil stock out of it's shipping box, place it on the dispenser, secure it with the UV protected bungee cords. These cords provide enough tension that keep the coil from unraveling but the material can still be dispensed with ease. The Big Bear features pads on the base of the dispenser to protect the coil from scratches when feeding the material. Big Bear is the perfect dispenser to use at any job site, you can clamp it on your work horse or simply pin it down to the ground. When you are finished,  store the remaining coil back in to its shipping box without removing from the unit. 


    • Quick and Easy set-up
    • Portable and Perfect for any job site
    • Bungee cords prevent coil from unraveling
    • Pads on the base protect coil from scratches when feeding material


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