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    The Van Mark Coil Dispenser is used to hold Aluminum Trim Coil for Residential Siding, Roofing, and Gutter Installation. No unraveling coils and No wind damage are just two features that make this tool a must have for anyone in the trade. Coil Dispenser sets up fast and allows materials to be fed directly into most Brakes, Saw Tables, and Slitters, allowing the user to dispense any length needed quickly. Coil Dispenser works with QuickScore and TrimCutter for fast processing of materials down to desired lengths

    - CD24 Coil Dispenser is designed for standard 24" wide x 50' Long coils of .019 or .024 Aluminum

    - The 50' Rolls typically weigh about 30 lbs. and a 100' Roll would be around 60 lbs.

    - * We would not recommend going over the 60 to 70 lb. Weight on the CD24 *

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