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    Gutter Zap cleans black streaks off gutters caused by electrostatic bonding. Simply wet down the gutter, spray on Gutter Zap with your favorite chemical injector and rinse off with garden hose pressure or apply with the MarXoff Gutter Cleaning Applicator and gently scrub clean. Gutter Zap will clean gutter quickly and easily and it will not harm vegetation or painted surfaces, just follow the instruction link below. Purchase some Gutter Zap for yourself and watch those zebra stripes disappear! This gutter cleaner will remove black marks from your gutters and make them look brand new!

    For Gutters - Dilute 1 Part Product to 2 Parts Water up to 1 Part Product to 1 Part Water. (Do not use at full strength for this application).

    *Recommended for use with the MarXoff Gutter Cleaning Applicator*

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