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    The revolutionary, and patent pending, right angle handle to blade design provides tool users significant ergonomic improvements compared to conventional snips. In tests funded by NIOSH, and conducted at a major university lab, Upright Snips required less effort to make sheet metal cuts in common applications, and provided a more comfortable and ergonomic grip.
    • Makes cutting easier by not breaking or bending the wrist
    • Makes cutting easier in confined areas (in ductwork, reaching through an opening, up against a wall or obstruction) 
    • Makes cutting easier when material can't be turned or when working in tight spaces
    • Reduces cutting time/increases productivity
    • Improves safety by elevating hands above edges and surfaces
    • 90ยบ handle/blade design
    • Unique push or pull cutting motion
    • Snip can turn or rotate in hand while cutting circles
    • Creates ergonomic wrist and hand posture which improves wrist range motion
     Item # Description
     MWT-P6900-R Right Hand Cut Upright Snips
     MWT-P6900-L Left Hand Cut Upright Snips

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