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    Lucas #5400 is a high-performance multipurpose Thermoplastic Elastomer based roofing sealant. The multipurpose sealant adheres to most surfaces including: Metal, Kynar, Asphalt, Shingle, Modified Bitumen, Wood, Concrete, Tile, Masonry, and glass.

    The Lucas #5400 is manufactured from UV stables SEBS Thermoplastic Elastomers. The Asphalt portion of the formula provides excellent adhesion to asphalt and other surfaces


    Surface to be sealed must be clean.

    To use, cut tip to size and puncture seal. Maximum recommended joint width and depth is 3/8 inch. Use backer rod for deep joints. Keep product warm prior to use. When used as a shingle tab cement, apply only in ΒΌ inch ribbons. Excessive application rates may damage shingles.

    * Shelf Life: Two years from the date of manufacture. *

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