The key to being the best in your industry is ensuring that you have all the proper tools and equipment to complete any job properly and efficiently. For many roofers, that means having an array of options available, especially if you offer a variety of services from residential to commercial and even industrial. If you can’t take a job quickly, there’s potential for other companies to swoop in and take the project, so making sure that you have every possible tool for the job is of the utmost importance. When you shop our selection from AJC, you’ll find what you need and more.

The original AJC hatchet was invented by the late A.J. Crookston. He started making hatchets for his own crew and eventually began selling them to other roofers as the advantages of this tool became known. Over the years, this brand has continued to design, innovate, and distribute products that roofers can rely on. AJC tools and equipment were designed with the idea of improving productivity, and they are built to last for years. We are proud to carry such an innovative and high-quality brand and we offer more than just hatchets. In our inventory you’ll also find nail strippers, sweepers, shears, shingle cutters, gutter scoops, and shovels, just to name a few.

If you need help while shopping our varied selection, please feel free to reach out. We would be more than happy to assist.

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