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    Why Install WindClamps on Your Metal Roof?
    Design wind speeds and code requisites are upgraded over the years. What is a building owner to do upon discovering that his roof is no longer code compliant and may be in danger of wind damage or blow-off?

    In some situations, the application of wind clamps is highly engineered and extensively tested, while in others it is a “prescriptive” remedy. S-5! offers cost-effective solutions in both categories. They can preserve the roof’s integrity while significantly upgrading its wind uplift resistance as much as 3X for pennies per square foot of roof area.

    Increase Resistance of Roof Uplift Loads

    • Allows the use of standing seam roofs in new construction when the roof alone does not meet requisite wind suction pressures
    • Offers an increase in failure pressures as much as 300% depending on panel profiles, gauge, and purlin spacing
    • Can bring existing construction into ASCE 07-16 code compliance with minimal expense and without costly structural changes. (ASCE 07 is the consensus standard used to determine design loads for building design)



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