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    Unaffected by grease or oils, plus having a good resistance to chemicals such as ethers, alkalis, and alcohols the nylon slings is the most widely used and best general purpose sling today.

    All Slings are tagged in accordance to ASME B390-2014 which include the following: name or manufacturers trademark, code or stock number, rated loads for types of hitch (es) used and the angle upon which it is used, In addition, tag will have individualized serial number and integrated caution/warning section.


    • 2-Part design – 2 lines of defense
    • Extra heavy gauge, super double polished clear cover w/ Ultra-Violet & MR inhibitors, and Flame Retardant treated.
    • Serial numbers for inspection criteria and trace ability.
    • High Quality American made materials
    • Dyed safety orange w/ specialty formulated Thermal printing.
    • Type 3
    • Web, Nylon, 2-Ply, Eye to Eye, Type 3, Flat Eyes

    Rated capacities in lbs:

    Vertical: 6,400

    Choker: 5,100

    Basket: 12,800

    Additional Information

    Care And Use:

    • Inspect daily before each use
    • do not drag or pull sling from under load
    • keep dry and store inside on racks
    • do not shorten by tying knots or twist
    • never use when temperatures are -40 Degrees or exceed 194 degrees
    • stand clear of load at all times
    • avoid shock loading
    • ID tag must be legible for proper work load limits
    • consult manufacturer


    1. Determine the load of lift. Sling selection must be within the work load limits and proper hitches.
    2. Adequate sling length must be established for proper sling to load angle consideration.
    3. Balanced load control not only is essential but critical in preventing slippage and maintaining center of gravity load control!
    4. Prior to making lift, calculate and experiment with any sling movement. Failure to balance or control the load will result in damage, injury or death.
    5. Always use wear pads or sleeves to further protect and promote increased sling life.

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