As a top manufacturer in the industry, DBI-SALA produces a wide array of products and safety systems, including fall protection, work positioning, restraint and rescue systems. Each DBI-SALA product, whether it's a full body harness or netting system, is tested to ensure that it provides the level of protection guaranteed. DBI-SALA's commitment to providing dependable fall protection and safety systems has helped it grow to become a highly-respected manufacturer in its field. Each of its products, from the most basic DBI-SALA harness to the more advanced safety systems, reflect this dedication to producing quality and dependability. DBI-SALA constructs its safety and fall protection equipment from the highest quality materials possible, and the company always looks for new ways to design products that provide higher levels of safety to the users. Knowing DBI-SALA's strong reputation and performance in the industry, we offer their products to our clients and are confident in the quality, construction and performance of each item we sell.
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