RIPCART demolition tool makes cutting your roof as easy as pushing a lawn mower

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Thanks to RipCart™ you won't ever need to hunch or crawl to make cuts again. Users are allowed to change the blade depth, exactly like a lawn mower, only on your roof, just push and easily control the saw. RipCart™ is one of the safest demolition tools to use in the roofing industry.

Adjusting the blade depth couldn't be easier, predetermined settings helps you choose from one of three layers or the entire roof deck. Using fine adjustment, can help be more precise with the depth of the blade. Simple & fast.

Stabilizing the RipCart™ are perfectly designed wheels to help out with different needed cuts. Like, cutting overlaid shingles on hips and ridges. Also, the primary front wheel acts as a guide, making it perfect when cutting ridge vent openings.

RipCart™ can save your crew hours of tear of times per day, helping tear off shingle a lot quicker and cleaner. smooth cuts help prevent debris from spreading, cutting the roof in different sections makes it easy to clean up and carry away.

This demolition tool allows you to insert many popular brands of contractor grade saws. To fasten the saw, just use the ratchet strap & saw table to secure the circular saw on to the RipCart™ mount base.

RipCart™ is perfect for residential usage, demolishing a roof is so easy when you have a tool that can cut through three layers of shingles and nails in one pass. Although its most commonly used for commercial use, RipCart™ helps get the job done fast when cutting in curbs, under air units, old gravel stops & small areas of tar & gravel.


Commercial Roofing

  • Cutting in curbs
  • Cutting under air units
  • Cutting out old gravel stop
  • Small areas of Tar & Gravel

Residential Roofing

  • Cutting ridge vent openings
  • Roof Deck Demolition
  • Cutting through two or three layers of shingles and nails in one pass
  • For total roof demolition including plywood and shingles
  • For cutting through ice shield
  • Cutting small flat roof tear off
  • Cutting through shingles, ice shield and nails

Other Uses

  • Wood floor tear outs
  • Plywood
  • Removing old decking

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