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    A Revolution in Shingle Tear-Off

    Designed for cutting shingles roofs, ridge vent openings and roof decks for total demolition. Cut multi-layer shingle roofs into manageable sections from an upright position.
  • Save 1/2 of labor costs on tear-off (1/3 on tear-off and installation). Shingles cut into uniform sections stack and carry easier for efficient disposal

  • Power Switch provides power to the saw only when engaged
  • Wheel lock to lock wheels unless released
  • Collapsible handle folds compactly for easy transportation and storage
  • Easily set the depth of the blade for two layer, three layer, or three layer with plywood and fine adjustment for blade wear
  • Deflects debris
  • Align wheel with the top of the ridge to cut ridge vent openings

    Heavy Duty Blades – Cuts through shingles and nails (Effective in Warm and Cold Weather) Standard Blades – Cuts wood and cap sheet (not shingles)
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    What saw do you recommend for the RipCart?
    We recommend a contractor grade Makita or Hitachi.

    How deep does the RipCart cut?
    1 and 7/8 inches.

    What do I do If my saw blade gets clogged?
    Saws can get clogged because of the saw guard. If the problem persist, clean it. If you remove the saw guard to clean the saw, make sure you put it back on (especially if you plan to use the saw outside of the cart).

    How long do the blades last?
    When cutting through shingles and nails each blade lasts approximately 15 squares.

    What can I do to extend the life of the blade?
    Cut between the rain lines on vertical cuts and cut below the butt lines on horizontal cuts. Don't force the saw when making cuts.

    What is the warranty for the RipCart?
    The RipCart comes with a 6 month limited warranty.

    Can you cut cap sheet?
    Yes, and we recommend our standard blade for that.

    Does the RipCart hold a wormgear saw?
    No, but we have considered it, but it does not cut through 3 layer as well.

    What about 12 pitch roofs?
    The RipCart is not suited for high pitches. We would not recommend use with anything higher than six or seven pitch.

    Have more questions?
    Call 800.859.4077 for support.

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