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    The SHINGLE SHEAR is the most versatile cutter available, with a 40" inlaid tape and an angle guide calibrated to roof pitch allow multiple users to cut any length or any angle without any adjustments, cutting time as well as shingles!

    Check out these features:

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    • 40" long inlaid tape
    • Slide out extension for full length shingle support
    • Inlaid angle guide with roof pitch
    • Rip Fence for lightweight cuts
    • Cuts any fiberglass or asphalt shingles
    • Cut non-ferrous metals
    • Blade can be resharpened
    • Aluminum construction- weighs only 16 pounds
    • Non skid rubber feet and roof hook for steep-pitched roofs
    • A quality, American-made product


    How long does a blade last?
    We have a blade with over 4000 cuts on it and it is about due to be sharpened. This will vary depending on the shingle you are cutting. The blade can be touched up with a file or angle grinder while still on the cutter or may be removed and touched up on a bench grinder.

    My buddy has the old 2001 model. Are they still available?

    The 2001 model is no longer available; however we do stock replacement parts for the old model.

    Are the replacement blades the same for the old model and the new model?
    No, the new model has a 20” blade, while the old model has an 18” blade. The easiest way to tell which blade you need is to count the number of screw holes in the blade itself. The old model has 4 screw holes, while the new model has 5 screw holes.

    Does it matter if I cut stone side up or stone side down?
    Since we recommend that the shear plate (bottom blade) be sharpened once for every two times that the upper curved blade is sharpened, we recommend that shingles be cut stone side up since this puts more of the wear on the upper blade which can be sharpened more frequently.


    Blade Sharpening

    The top curved blade can be touched up with a file or angle grinder while still on the unit, or removed and sharpened on a bench grinder. (Note: The blade must be removed from the blade arm in order to sharpen on a bench grinder.) The rest on the bench grinder should be set at 15° for best results.

    The shear plate (the bottom blade attached to the unit itself) should only be sharpened once for every two times the upper blade is sharpened. The shear plate must be removed from the unit and be ground at a square, 90° angle.

    Care should be taken not to remove any more material than is necessary on the shear plate. Repeated, aggressive grinding results in the cutting edge dropping too far below the table surface of the Shingle Shear. For this reason, we recommend that shingles be cut with the stones up. This puts more of the wear on the top blade which can be sharpened more frequently.


    Kicks Out Some Shingles!
    Yellow Mountain, United States
    Just finished our own home. My wife and I and cut all our heavy Elk Domain Ashford Landscape shingles with this thing. Great tool. Does the job and is dependable. Cutting by hand just don't cut it. This tool rocks -- and so will your roofing job.

    Very Good Product
    Portland, ME
    This seems to be a very well designed, well-manufactured product. It cross-cuts, rips, or diagonal-cuts shingles easily; has very good built-in measuring scales that are easy to use; is very sharp and cuts the shingles very easily. I forgot to say it's very light to carry, too.

    This seems to be a very, very good product - I'm really enjoying using it - and its hard for me to imagine needing anything more or different.

    Russell, PA
    Thanks for making a superior product. One of my best roofing tools! 100% dependable.

    Topeka, KS
    Your shingle cutter worked like a charm and saved hours of time and aggravation. The best tool investment I’ve ever made.

    Vernon, CT
    Bought one, excellent piece of equipment. Had to get another.

    Plymouth, WI
    Unit is lightweight. Quick precision cuts on valleys and starters.

    Hillpoint, WI
    Shingle Shear makes for a good looking job. Worked great!

    Brewster, MA
    Thanks! Your product makes roofing faster and easier.

    Worcester, MA
    Money well spent.

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    Reviewer: shaun on 1/12/2020

    I have used the shingle shear quite a bit since i got it this thing is awesome. The time you save on you cuts alone it pays for itself on the first job. Not to mention the superior product you get with the clean and beautiful cuts. The only thing i noticed was when using on really hot days and the shingles are hot you will need to clean the cutters with some thinner or mineral spirits as you will get some build up from the soft shingles. All in all though a superior product no buyers remorse at all, love it.