Contractor Pack includes:

- 8 Anchors

- 8 sets Nylon Tipped Setscrews

- 8 sets Steel Setscrews

Best Price Guaranteed
Price: $1,494.96
    Item #FPD-SSRA1-8


    Fall Protection Distributors LLC, brings you a revolutionary product allowing Homeowners, Building Owners, and Contractors to work safely on standing seam roofs without penetrating the panels. The Standing Seam Roof Anchor (SSRA1). The patented, Non-Penetrating design of this devise is unlike anything currently available. Its the only certified component system for mounting just about anything to a standing seam roof. The interchangeable mount allows for attachment of devices from various fall protection manufacturers. Can be used for Attachment of Roof Jacks, Walk Boards, SRL's, Horizontal Lifelines, Ladder Anchoring, etc...

    Advantages Of SSRA1

    - Only 4.5 Lbs., Its the world's lightest OSHA/ANSI 5,000 lb. Certified Anchor

    -Installs in minutes with Basic hand tools

    -Can be used as a Temporary and Permanent Attachment

    -Patented, Universal Fit design works on over 500 Standing Seam Panel Profiles without no reassembly required. Fits, T-Seams, Bulb Seams, Snaplok, Single Lok, Double Lok, MR-24, etc... NO OTHER PROFILE FITS AS MANY PROFILES

    -ANSI AS TM B-117 Salt Spray tested, Non corrosion aluminum and stainless steel components. Can be power coated to match any roof for permanent installations

    -OSHA/ANSI tested to 5,000 lbs. in all directions of pull. Workers can access both sides of the roof without having to reposition the anchor

    -Clean, low profile attachment to the seem minimizes tripping hazards and is less obstructive on permanent attachments

    -Made in USA with a Lifetime Life Saving Warranty


    • (8) 6061-T6 Aluminum Body-Patented Universal Fit design
    • (8) 5,000 lb. Certified D-Ring
    • (8) Packs of 12 stainless steel, Cupped tip set screws (Installed)
    • (8) Packs of 12 stainless steel , Nylon Tip set screws
    • (8) Owners Manuals
    • Can be used as Temporary and Permanent Attachment
    • Non corrosive, Aluminum Stainless Steel components
    • Lifetime Life Saving Warranty


    Panel Compatibility

    Panel Matrix is provided only as a reference to assist on-site Competent Person in determining safe attachment. compatible for attachment of the SSRA1. It is the on-site Competent Person that makes the final determination if a panel is safe and compatible for attachment of the SSRA1.

    Assume steel panels unless otherwise noted.

    A&S Building SystemsBattenLok HS22/24 ga
    A&S Building SystemsSuperLok22/24 ga
    A&S Building SystemsDoubleLok22/24 ga
    A&S Building SystemsUltra-Dek22/24 ga
    A&S Building SystemsCFR 30",36", 42"22/24 ga
    A&S Building SystemsDuraSeal Seam / DuraSeal Snap22/24 ga
    AB Martin RoofingABSeam 19.524 ga
    AB Martin RoofingABM 1 Inch Nail Strip24 ga
    ACI Metal RoofingSnapLok24 ga
    ACI Metal RoofingStratoshield22/24 ga
    ACI Metal RoofingUltraLok22/24 ga
    AEP SpanDesign Span hp22/24 ga
    AEP SpanSpan Lok22/24 ga
    AEP SpanSpanSeam22/24 ga
    AEP SpanMultilok24 ga
    AEP SpanSkyline / Skyline hp24/26 ga
    AEP SpanSnap Seam22/24 ga
    AEP SpanSterling Roof System22/24 ga
    AEP SpanHigh Seam24 ga
    Agway MetalsAR Standing Seam, NS, SL22/24 ga
    AlcanFalzonal0.7mm alum
    AlcanSnap Lock 1" and 1.5"24/22 ga
    AlcanMechanical Lock 1" and 1.5"24/22 ga
    AWIP All Weather Insulated Panels by VicwestSR Seriesalum
    Aluform System GmbHFalzripp and Falzripp.8-1.0 Alum
    Aluform System GmbHAlufalz.8-1.2mm Alum
    American Buildings by NucorSeam-Loc22/24 ga
    American Buildings by NucorLoc Seam/Loc Seam 36022/24 ga
    American Buildings by NucorStanding Seam II22/24 ga
    American Buildings by NucorStanding Seam 36022/24 ga
    American Construction Metals ACMKenloc, Stayloc, Mechloc24 ga
    AMS-Arch. Metal SolutionsArmor Lock/Snap Lock/Pro Lock22/24 ga
    Architectural Building Components/McElroy138T, 238T24 ga min.
    Architectural Building Components/McElroyPermaseam Interlock24 ga min.
    Architectural Building Components/McElroyMaxima ADV24 ga min.
    Architectural Metal ProductsSee Ultra Seam
    AMSI-Architectural Metal Specialties, Inc.AMS-200 2" Mechanical Seam22/24 ga/.040 alum
    AMSI-Architectural Metal Specialties, Inc.AMS175 1-3/4" Snap-Lock22/24 ga
    AMSI-Architectural Metal Specialties, Inc.Peterson Tite-Loc22/24 ga
    AMSI-Architectural Metal Specialties, Inc.Peterson Tite-Loc HS22/24 ga
    AMSI-Architectural Metal Specialties, Inc.Peterson Tite-Loc Plus22/24 ga
    ASP-Arch. Sheetmetal Prod.SL Series/ ML Series/ MLC Series24 ga
    ASC Building ProductsSee AEP Span
    Ash & Lacy Building SystemsAshZip.040 alum
    ATASDutch Seam22/24 ga/.040 alum
    ATASField-Lok FLL 1", 1.5", 2", 2 3/8"22/24 ga
    Bax SteelBax-Lock22/24 ga
    BC Steel BuildingsBCL-24-SD22/24 ga
    BC Steel BuildingsBCL-24-MS22/24 ga
    Behlen Building SystemsRoll-Lock/Triple-Lock/Quadri-Lock22/24 ga
    Behlen Building SystemsZL-16/Triple-Lock/Quadri-Lock22/24 ga
    Behlen Building SystemsZL-24/Triple-Lock/Quadri-Lock22/24 ga
    BemoBemo Roof24 ga/.032 alum/.040 alum
    BerridgeHigh Seam Tee-Panel24 ga
    BerridgeCee-Lock22/24 ga
    BerridgeZee-Lock22/24 ga
    BHPZip Rib24 ga
    Blazer IndustriesSnap-Lock26 ga
    Bridger SteelTru-Snap 1", 1.5", 1.75"22/24/26 ga
    Bridger SteelMech. Lock 1" and 1.5"26 ga
    Bridger SteelStructural Mech. 2"22/24/26 ga
    Bridger SteelNail Strip 1" and 1.5"24/26 ga
    Bruce & DanaSnaplock26 ga
    Bryer CompanyTBC-Ultra22/24 ga/.40 alum
    Bryer CompanyTBC-Superseam22/24 ga/.40 alum
    Bryer CompanyTBC-SuperCurve22/24 ga/.40 alum
    ButlerMR2422/24 ga
    ButlerGenesis 36024 ga
    ButlerVSR II24 ga
    Carlisle SyntecCM 175SL/CM 150SL Snap Lock22/24/26 ga/.40 alum
    Carlisle SyntecCM 200S/CM 150SS22/24/26 ga/.40 alum
    CBC Steel Buildings by NucorMS-2424 ga min.
    CBC Steel Buildings by NucorSS-2424 ga min.
    Ceco BuildingsDouble-Lok22/24 ga
    Ceco BuildingsBattenLok HS
    Ceco BuildingsSuperLok24 ga
    Ceco BuildingsCRP / CLP / CXP24 ga
    Central States ManufacturingHorizon-Loc26 ga
    Central States ManufacturingCentral Snap22/24 ga
    Central States ManufacturingCentral Span22/24 ga
    Central States ManufacturingCentral Seam Plus22/24 ga
    Central States ManufacturingCentral Loc22/24 ga
    Central Texas Metal Roofing SupplyShurLoc 150,175,200,30022/24 ga
    Central Texas Metal Roofing SupplySpanLoc 100,150,200, 30022/24 ga
    CentriaSRS-2 / SRS-318-24 ga
    CentriaSDP Series24 ga
    Champion MetalSnap-Loc26 ga
    Chief BuildingsMSC Panel22/24 ga
    Chief BuildingsMVF/MVP24 ga
    Chief BuildingsSTC Panel22/24 ga
    Classic Roofing SystemsCR-S 2522/24 ga
    Classic Roofing SystemsCR-S 3822/24 ga
    Classic Metal Roofing SystemsClickLock.032 alum
    Coated Metals Group CMGUltra-Seam22/24 ga/.040 alum
    Coated Metals Group CMGUltra-Snap22/24 ga/.40 alum
    Coated Metals Group CMGUltra-Snap22/24 ga/.040 alum
    Coated Metals Group CMGUltra-Flange 1" and 1.5"24 ga
    Copper SalesSee Firestone
    Corle Building SystemsSeam-Lok22/24 ga
    Corle Building SystemsVerticle-Lok22/24 ga
    Corle Building SystemsSnap-Seal22/24 ga
    Corus IncSee KalZip
    Custom Bilt MetalsCB-200024 ga
    Custom Bilt MetalsCB-15022/24 ga
    Custom Bilt MetalsCB-10024 ga
    Custom Bilt MetalsSL-175024 ga/.032 alum
    Custom Bilt MetalsSL-10024/26 ga
    Custom Bilt MetalsSLZ 1000/150024/26 ga
    Dean Steel Buildings, IncPro Seam and Pro Lok22/24 ga
    Dimensional Metals, IncTee-Lock TL2524 ga
    Dimensional Metals, IncSpan-Lock SL25 and SL2022/24 ga/.040 alum
    Dimensional Metals, IncInter-Lock IL2022/24 ga/.040 alum
    Dimensional Metals, IncDouble-Lock DL1522/24 ga
    Dimensional Metals, IncSnap-On-Seam SS10 and SS1522/24 ga/.040 alum
    Dimensional Metals, IncNail-Strip NS10 & NS1524 ga
    Drexel Metals100SS and 150SS22/24 ga/.032 alum
    Drexel Metals200S22/24 ga/.040 alum
    Drexel Metals100NS24 ga
    Drexel Metals150SL & 175S Snap Lock22/24 ga/.032 alum/.040 alum
    Drexel Metals450, 450SL, 550S24 ga
    Drexel MetalsDMC 210S Armco Type22/24 ga
    EnglertA1000, A110022/24 ga/.032 alum
    EnglertA1300, A1301, A150022/24 ga/.032 alum
    EnglertS2000, S2400, S250022/24 ga/.032 alum
    EnglertS3000 T-Seam24 ga
    Everlast MetalsEverloc Nailstrip24 ga
    Everlast MetalsEverSeam24 ga
    Fab Tech, Inc.Seam-Lok22 ga
    Fab Tech, Inc.Seam-Lok22 ga
    Fab Tech, Inc.Snap-Seal22 ga
    Fab Tech, Inc.Snap-Seal22 ga
    Fab Tech, Inc.Snap-Seal22 ga
    Fabral1-1/2" SSR & 2 1/2" SSR24 ga min/.032alum min
    FabralHorizon S & Horizon 1626 ga
    FabralStand 'N Seam22/24 ga/.032 alum min
    FabralPowerseam22/24 ga/.032 alum min
    FabralThin Seam & Slim Seam22/24 ga/.032 alum min
    FabralIP Seam 322/24 ga
    FabralIP Snap 322/24 ga
    FabralClimaguard26 ga
    FirestoneUna-Clad UC-3, UC-4, UC-6, UC-1424 ga/.040 alum
    Garco Building SystemsBattenLok HS22/24 ga
    Garco Building SystemsSuperLok22/24 ga
    Garco Building SystemsLokSeam22/24 ga
    Garco Building SystemsUltra-Dek22/24 ga
    Garco Building SystemsDouble-Lok22/24 ga
    GarlandR-Mer Loc22/24 ga/.040 alum
    GarlandR-Mer Span20/22/24 ga/.040 alum min.
    Hoogovens Aluminum Building SystemsSee Kal Zip
    ImetcoSeries 300 1" Batten22/24 ga/.032/.040 alum
    ImetcoSnapLok 1-3/4"22/24 ga/.032 min
    ImetcoPermLok22/24 ga/.032/.040 alum
    ImetcoTwinLok22/24 ga/.032/.040 alum
    Inland BuildingsTS-32424 ga
    Inland BuildingsVS-21624 ga
    Inland BuildingsSS2024 ga
    Inland BuildingsIN-LOC24 ga
    Interlock RoofingNailstrip24 ga
    KalZip50 Series22/24 ga/.032 alum/.040 alum
    KalZip65 Series22/24 ga/.032 alum/.040 alum
    KingspanKingZip 102020/22/24 ga
    Kirby Building SystemsKLM 2100, KLS 210022/24 ga
    Kirby Building SystemsRoof-Lok/Roof-Lok Plus22/24 ga
    KMETECu (25mm DF SS)0.7mm Copper
    Knudson MfgKR-2422/24 ga
    Knudson MfgKR-1822/24 ga
    Knudson MfgKR-2024 ga steel
    LysaghtLongline 30522/24 ga
    MBCIBattenLok/BattenLok HS22/24 ga
    MBCIDoubleLok/LokSeam22/24 ga
    MBCISlimline26/29 ga
    MBCISuperLok/ Ultradek22/24/26 ga
    McElroy Metal138T/238T22/24 ga
    McElroy MetalInstaloc24 ga
    McElroy MetalMasterLok-90/FS22/24 ga
    McElroy MetalMaxima22/24 ga/.032 alum/.040 alum
    McElroy MetalMedallion-Lok22/24 ga/.032 alum/.040 alum
    McElroy MetalMeridian24/26 ga
    Merchant & EvansZip Rib24 ga min/24 ga ss min/.032 alum min
    Merchant & EvansZip-Lok22/24 ga/.032 alum/.040 alum
    Merchant & Evans#30522/24 ga
    Merchant & Evans#30624 ga/.040 alum
    Mesco Building SolutionsDouble-Lok/Ultra-Dek22/24 ga
    Met-SeamMSPro0.5 ss/.7 alum/.7 zinc
    Metal SalesMagna-Loc, Magna-Loc 180, Curved Magna-Loc22/24 ga
    Metal SalesVertical Seam22/24 ga
    Metal SalesSeam-Loc 2424 ga
    Metal SalesSnap-Loc 2424 ga
    Metal SalesImage II24/26 ga
    Metal SalesT-Armor24g
    Met-Fab by DrexelHistoric24 ga/.032 alum
    Met-Fab by DrexelMetFab III22/24 ga/.032 alum/.040 alum
    Met-Fab by DrexelSnap-On 40024 ga
    Met-Fab by DrexelSnap-On 40026 ga
    Met-Fab by DrexelSnap-on 550 and Snap-On 67522/24 ga/.032 alum/.040 alum
    Metl-SpanCFR22/24 ga
    Midwest ManufacturingLifetime Hidden Fastener28 ga
    Midwest ManufacturingPremium Pro-Snap28 ga
    Morin by KingspanMorZip.040 alum/.050 alum
    Morin by KingspanSLR20/22/24 ga
    Morin by KingspanSRR22/24 ga
    Morin by KingspanSWL22/24 ga
    Mid-West by NCIBattenLok / Double-Lok22/24 ga
    Mid-West by NCISuperLok / Ultra-Dek22/24 ga
    New Tech MachineryTRQ25022/24 ga
    New Tech MachinerySSQ27522/24 ga
    New Tech MachinerySS100/SS150/SS200/SS210A/SS450(sl)22/24 ga
    New Tech MachinerySS450/SS450SL/SS550/SS67522/24 ga
    New Tech MachineryFF 100, 15024 ga
    North Star MetalsLoc Star24 ga
    North Star MetalsSnap Star24 ga
    North Star MetalsNS-1824 ga
    NovelisFalzonal0.7mm alum
    Nu-Ray MetalsNRM 1000/NRM 1750/NRM 200022/24/26 ga
    Nucor Building SystemsCFR/SR2/VR16 II24 ga
    OC MetalsSMI 1.5
    OC MetalsSMI Mechanical 450
    OC MetalsSMI 1.75 SnapLock
    Pac-Clad by Petersen AluminumSnap-Clad22/24 ga/.032 alum/.040 alum
    Pac-Clad by Petersen AluminumTite-Loc/ Tite-Loc HS/ Tite-Loc Plus22/24 ga/.032 alum/.040 alum
    Pac-Clad by Petersen AluminumSnap-On Standing Seam24 ga/.032 alum
    Pac-Clad by Petersen AluminumHi Snap On24 ga/.032 alum
    Pac-Clad by Petersen AluminumRedi-Roof/Edge-Loc22/24 ga/.032 alum/.040 alum
    PrefaPrefalz0.7mm alum
    Premier MetalsStanding Seam 1.524 ga
    Rheinzink1" DF SS.7mm zinc/.8mm zinc
    Rigid Global BuildingsHI-Tech24 ga
    Rigid Global BuildingsPlatinum24 ga
    Robertson Building SystemsBattenLok, Curved BattenLok, Double Lok, LokSeam, SuperLok, UltraDeck24 ga steel
    Robertson Building SystemsStarshield-SSR24 ga steel
    Schlebach1 Inch Nail Strip Panel24/26 ga
    Schlebach1.5 Nail Strip24/26 ga
    Schulte Building SystemsTS-32424 ga
    Schulte Building SystemsVS-21624 ga
    SpeedDeck by OmnisSpeedZip0.9mm Alum
    Star Building SystemsStarshield22/24 ga
    Steel Span, Inc.See Nucor
    Steel TileSnap Seam 1.5"24/26 ga
    Steel TileNail Strip 1.5"24/26 ga
    Steel TileMechanical Lock 1.5"24/26 ga
    Steelway Building SystemsRTL-2422/24 ga
    Taylor MetalsEasy Lock24/26 ga
    Taylor MetalsVersa-Span22/24 ga
    Taylor MetalsMS 150/ MS 20022/24 ga
    Taylor MetalsClip-Lock22/24 ga
    Taylor MetalsStreamLine26 ga
    TremcoTremLock VP22/24 ga/.032 alum/.040 alum
    TremcoT-23822/24 ga/.040 alum
    TremcoTremLock SL and LSP22/24 ga
    Triad Corrugated MetalSnap Loc24/26 ga
    Triad Corrugated MetalNailstrip24/26 ga
    Triad Corrugated MetalMechanical24/26 ga
    Triad Corrugated MetalMS216/ MS 21822/24/26 ga
    Triad Corrugated MetalTS32422/24/26 ga
    U.S. MetalsUS-150.032 alum
    U.S. MetalsUS-15022/24 ga
    U.S. MetalsUS-175LS22/24 ga
    Ultra Seam Inc.Ultra Seam US-20022/24 ga
    Ultra Seam Inc.UltraSeam US-175LS Snaplock24 ga min.
    Ultra Seam Inc.Ultra Seam US-150C, 150CL, 150LS24 ga min.
    Ultra Seam Inc.Ultra Seam US-100NS Nail Strip24g min
    Ultra Seam Inc.Ultra Seam US-200S 2" Mechanical Lock.040 alum
    Ultra Seam Inc.Ultra Seam US-200S 2" Mechanical Lock 90 degree22/24 ga
    Una-CladUna-Clad UC-3, UC-4, UC-6, UC-1424 ga/.040 alum
    Union Corrugating CompanyAdvantage Lok, Advantage-Lok II24/26 ga
    Union Corrugating CompanySL150, SL17524/26 ga
    Union Corrugating CompanyML150 / ML20022/24 ga
    United Structures of AmericaGuardian I / II / Lok22/24 ga
    United Structures of AmericaSure-Lok / Supreme-Lok22/24 ga
    Varco PrudenSSR22/24 ga
    Varco PrudenHWR22/24 ga
    Varco PrudenSLR22/24 ga
    Vic WestPrestige24 ga
    Vic WestTradition 100-424 ga
    Vic WestTSR
    Vic WestTradition 150-424 ga
    VMZincZinc 0.7mm0.7mm/.8mm
    Whirlwind Building SystemsWeather Lok-1622/24 ga
    Whirlwind Building SystemsWeather Snap-1624 ga
    Whirlwind Building SystemsSuper Seam II / Super Seam Plus22/24 ga
    Whirlwind Building SystemsWeather Guard26 ga
    Zamil Steel IndustriesMax Seam22/24 ga
    Zimmerman Metals, Inc.SL-1500, SL1750, SLC100022/24 ga
    Zimmerman Metals, Inc.SS1500, SS2000, SS2500, TSS250022/24 ga
    Zintek Srl24mm Double Standing Seam0.7mm Zinc/.8mm Zinc
    Zintek Srl38mm Double Standing Seam0.7mm Zinc/.8mm Zinc

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